When the end of the world?

03 Jul

worldA witness and participant in the events, finishing our civilization. To be honest, and trusted enough that it will happen in the foreseeable future. On the other hand, objectively, we believe the end of all things sooner or later be predetermined. The unity of the opposite opinion from time to time makes tremble deep chord of the soul, and some, in the vain hope of escape, even impels to action, the majority of citizens obscure.
In the past, humanity, “pack your bags” in anticipation of a collision with an asteroid HZ51. It does not matter that the probability of such an outcome does not exceed one chance in six million. At least one, but was still a chance. Today, rested and calmed down, the failed apocalypse can only remember.
Huge untapped potential has the Large Hadron Collider? Excellent way to advertise a terrible event. Sorry, the scientists pumped up, all of them are not going well, and therefore the start date of the end of all shifts. But why regret? While no one of anything is not sure, you can continue to make name and money to human fears.
By the end of the world , whose coming is appointed on different dates and is caused by various reasons, urge the leaders to prepare a set of sects . In the U.S. alone there are almost seven hundred. People are attracted to a simple tenet – our faith is true, so when it’s the world’s chaos, saved only by our successors. In the meantime, the apocalypse has not come, bring us their money and property that we use up to a good cause of saving your neighbors.
A sort of pyramid scheme with a mystical reason. Ensuring its operation employs many people who own a piece of cake. They say even a special magazine published “Reports of the end of time.”
In other countries, passions run no less intensity. Kenyan followers of the “House of Yahweh” ponastroili underground bunkers with water supplies and products. Purpose – to sit under the earth spirited time. Something similar happened in the Penza region. Money, however, the domestic sectarians was smaller, perhaps just to build shelter did not know how, here and had to quickly evacuate without waiting for the scheduled date.
By the howling of the shamans and homegrown guru joins strong warnings of science. Nearest date – already mentioned Collider in Switzerland. If you’re not lucky with it – will take the baton Russian researchers. They have to scheduled starting 2013-2014 years like the accelerator in Dubna.
Around the same time is expected to significantly exceed the internal temperature of the solar core from which the star is undoubtedly going to explode. What should I do something we? The reason for this prediction were the studies showing that the temperature of the Sun is growing at an unprecedented pace. Even 11 years ago it was half as much.
It will not work in 2013, come 2014-D. Oh then that certainly engulf the Earth “acid fog”, which is found by NASA. Astronomers say that this cloud of dust stretching about ten million miles and emerged from a black hole from which to our beloved planet a mere 28,000 light-years. In the cloud disappears all that goes into it, but to us its tentacles will reach exactly to the 2014-th year.
If the acid mist and suddenly we will not care, then April 13, 2029 must meet the 400-meter asteroid 99 942 Apophis. According to other information meeting will take place later, in 2036, but that is impressive – all the same on April 13.
However, against the consequences of global warming, asteroid collision is even humanely. Babahnul once – and all the agony was over. It is quite another to climatic disasters.
Hunger, lack of fresh water, a sharp decline under the pressure of the ocean area of ‚Äč‚Äčland, drought and torrential rains, hurricanes, disease, war, caused by lack of resources – that make up scenarios developed by forecasters with scientific diplomas. And it stretched for many years. You read and stop wondering reckless suicide cultists.
The most optimistic forecast provided scientists from the observatory of the European Space Association. Somewhere far away in space, they found a collision of two groups of galaxies with billions of stars. Wave energy from the explosion will cover the solar system in a couple of billion years. That’s when it all together just evaporate. If you would live.

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