What is the secret of longevity of Tibetan monks?

01 Jul

longevityThe Tibetan monks walk through the world in legend. The most interesting story I think about them a long life. There’s life-long 100 years is short, and a hermit living in the caves of Tibet, ostensibly to 16 (!) Century.
What is the cause of long life of Tibetan monks? What secret knowledge they possess?
I managed to find only a fraction of their secrets – namely, physical exercises, which has a beautiful name “Eye of the Renaissance.”
I learned about them from books or the internet … These exercises showed me my old friend, who visited Tibet and which is very fond of eastern mysticism. I have not seen him for a long time. However, I did a few years, “Oko” (sometimes I do now), so the description of the results of exercises and quote based on personal experience.
“Eye of the Renaissance” consists of 6 exercises that I give the description below.
Important: The main component of exercise is breathing. All the movements are only the appendage.
Exercise 1: Stand up straight. Hand in hand. Do not close your eyes, to spin clockwise (right) number of times. Need to spin fast enough to hold your breath.
Exercise 2: Lie on the floor on his back. When you inhale – to raise the legs and head and shoulders off the floor do not interrupt. Allowed a few feet to bend at the knees – you do not train them. When you exhale – the legs and head drop. Repeat as many times.
Exercise 3: Be on your knees (thigh perpendicular to the shank, not sit on your heels). Chin pressed against his chest. When you inhale – to throw back his head back and continue to inhale bend your back. When you exhale – to return to its original state. Repeat as many times.
Exercise 4: Sit on the floor, legs forward. Chin pressed against his chest. The hands rest on the floor on either side of the buttocks. When you inhale – to throw back his head back and continue to inhale bend back (almost up to the bridge, butt lift – only rely on the hands and feet). When you exhale – return to the starting position. Repeat as many times.
Exercise 5: Take the emphasis lying down (as if going to do push-ups, but the pelvis omitted). A look at the ceiling. When you inhale – press your chin to your chest and arch your back (try to get the heels of the floor). When you exhale – to return to its original state. Repeat as many times as
Exercise 6: Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart. Take a deep breath and squeeze the anus. Lean, lean on his knees with his hands. Exhale through the mouth. Without making a breath, pull the stomach. Upright, hands on belt, the anus to relax. Inhale, exhale. Repeat three times.
How many times do the exercises?
Getting Started: Exercise 1 – 4 times, the rest of exercise – 3 times.
We continue daily to all exercises, except the last one, add one by one.
Finish: The first 5 exercises do 21 times, the sixth – 3 times.
Some of the warning!
1. Not recommended for people with back problems, so as to load the spine rather strong.
2. Not recommended after a heavy lunch – may vomit.
3. If you did “Eye”, say, a month and then decided to skip a day, your condition worsen. That is, either do or not. Half do not.
4. Exercise (especially when doing 15-21 times) is quite exhausting. It can therefore be 7 times in the morning, 7 times a day, 7 times in the evening.
I was doing “Eye” when I was 14-15 years. Now I’m 24, but still in the stores do not want to sell beer, cigarettes and alcoholic beverages, has not been presented a passport. Among his peers look much younger.
Now I’m constantly “Eye” does not do, but think of it when I feel bad. And no matter what hurts – the head, abdomen, or back – after 15 minutes Doing a “Eye of the Renaissance,” I forget all the pains and diseases.

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