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08 Jul

celesteA History of Mary Celeste – perhaps was the most mystical and mysterious in the history of navigation. Unravel this mystery, we may not be never. Many writers have described the world in his works that in their opinion, there was the famous ship. One of these authors is that everyone knows about Arthur Conan Doyle.
But where do you all begin?
November 10, 1872 the brigantine “Mary Celeste” was published in New York with a cargo of rectified spirit in casks and headed for Genoa. The crew of the brigantine was composed of eight people. The captain of the brigantine was Benjamin Briggs, who was by then twenty years of experience sailing on sailboats. On that memorable flight Briggs took with him his wife and daughter swimming.
A strange discovery
Ship “Mary Celeste” was found without a team December 4, 1872, 400 miles from the Straits of Gibraltar, the ship “Dey Grace.” In the logbook of the last record was listed November 24, 1872. Judging from her ship, ten days before its discovery, has headed east, and the sailors met him walking on the west.
On deck, the hatch was open bow hold, it was about three feet of water. There was no single boat. On the starboard side railings were made by deep notches with an ax. All the windows were closed superstructure aft canvas, and boarded up. Along the sides of the brigantine were cuts inch wide, two meters in length on each. Detectives have established that these cuts have been made by some carpentry tool around in late November, just at a time when the ship’s log was made last record.
Living in cabins located in their seats, beds were neatly tucked, clothes hung on hangers. In the drawing-room looked as if people just left. At the dinner table was laid out plates, cups, knives and forks. Inside I was a sewing machine with an unfinished work – children’s shirts. The floor was littered toys. In the drawer was made of wood, inlaid with mother of pearl box, in which, besides jewels, was found a thick bundle of banknotes, which completely rejects the possibility of attacks by pirates. It is amazing and the fact that the sailors did bring pipes, which they never leave!
A week before the discovery of the vessel in the vicinity of the Azores was no storms, and on board all stood in their places. All the dishes were also intact. Underwater inspection of the vessel led to the conclusion that it is not faced with anything.
Unfortunately, the information has come down to our days, the exact description of the brigantine found – is controversial. For example, according to one version, one of the barrels were opened and it did not have a third, but on the other – the last barrel was completely empty.
If the barrel was opened, it can be assumed that the sailors on the ship could be in a state of intoxication. Lack of boat shows, the team left the ship on it. Broken compass, the absence of any documentation other than the ship’s log shows that the vessel was abandoned in a hurry, but it is not clear why the team did not take it with you drinking water? The reason why the team left the ship in a hurry, maybe which was in the bilge water, perhaps, the team suggested that the vessel is in danger of flooding. However, another reason why the team could leave the ship, and could be a wave of infrasound, which inspires fear and incredible crew team in a rush down with the ship. About this phenomenon I mentioned in an article on “Flying Dutchman”.
Captain Morehouse towed into Gibraltar brigantine port, where the Admiralty authorities immediately launched a thorough investigation that lasted 11 years, but has not issued any definite verdict. Here’s the final word commission: “In the absence of any data that could shed light on this matter to be feared that the fate of the crew of” Mary Celeste “will increase the number of the mysteries of the ocean themselves, which will be opened only in that great day when the sea give up their dead. If the crime was committed, what makes the suspect lot, there is little hope that the perpetrators were brought to justice. ”
The most successful version of the incident
It would have sunk into oblivion, this mysterious story, if not for the investigation of Arnold Phillimore, English historian and essayist. He studied many such mysteries, and not having avoided the famous “Mary Celeste”.
During the investigation it came to a startling discovery. Exploring various sources and documents of the time, he came to the conclusion that this whole mysterious story was not mysticism, and common history of smuggling. According to Phillimore, ship carried an empty keg from under the false spirit of the brand.
In addition, Phillimore, and explains the mysterious disappearance of the crew of the ship. It turns out that the Italian authorities were informed about the illegal cargo, released from New York to Genoa, and sent a police boat to intercept the brigantine. But the criminals on alert and were also aware of plans by police to intercept the brigantine. They, in turn, sent the schooner “Lombardy” in the interception of the brigantine, which he reached the final, took all of its inhabitants and its precious cargo on board. But here’s the fate of the schooner, unfortunately, was not as happy as the fate of “Mary Celeste”. The ship hit a storm and all its inhabitants were killed, along with valuable cargo – marks.

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