The most fun car

CarThe press service AZLK, launched in the release of “Moskvich” new model – “Basil”, which is sure to prove vaunted foreign cars and brazen, who on the roads of our homeland owner!
Judge for yourself – a super all-wheel drive (for each of the four wheels individually, even the spare tire, 20-speed gearbox, reversing five gears, glass elevators, which operate in three modes, a removable interchangeable driveshaft – If there was a way of fighting, seven-cylinder engine with cylinders of different diameters. I would say that selling cars of this class – not an easy task. As the exclusive, you know, and this – a delicate matter. And how many more bells and whistles!
The machine is good enough for a trip on the autobahn as well as on the national road: the ground clearance is regulated automatically by the lead weight. If the ball is removed, the clearance is increased immediately, but if you want to rush low and fast – return the ball is in place and rushing at full speed.
Looks Muscovite “Basil” great, if it is possible to apply such an epithet to the car. The body is painted under a bright Khokhloma painted, decorated with openwork brick salonchik kladochkoy, lovingly laid out by master’s hand, the wheels are perfectly and do not differ from one another. The windshield in the upper part toned bright blue tape.
Headlights can illuminate in any direction. It should only be deployed iron horse. The car is put under any weather conditions: Kriven’ko starter has become even more crooked and therefore more comfortable, but in the long term it may give way to the ignition switch crooked.
The battery is usually defective and it is easily possible to check, do not even need to leave the saloon car, licking specially made-up to the dashboard of contacts. Muscovite is literally stuffed with electronic innovations. Then there are radio “Spring 205”, and even a wonderful electric razor “Kharkiv”, and even a mini-vacuum cleaner “Ural”.,,
For sealing glass is used environmentally-friendly hemp rather compact.
Driver’s seat adjustable in five essential dimensions. Our team of professionals and paid much attention to occupant safety. Radiator grille of Kasli molding – highly reliable and aesthetically beautiful, and the salon in the Muscovite collision cases very quickly filled with fast hardening foam construction.
Very well-thought-out audio system – speakers, each with capacity of 200 watts, comfortably settled in the back seat.

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