The biggest mystery of civilization, or we all came from Lemuria?

09 Jul

civilizationA planet of secrets – Mysteries surround mankind in all ages, and our ultra-modern days, their number is not diminished. But perhaps the biggest mystery was and is the answer to the eternal question – how our civilization was born?
From century to century, from the Millennium Goals, smoothly flowing, this issue has successfully lived up to our days, and today we have the same zeal as our ancient ancestors, looking for the answer. Let’s try and we povoroshit sands of time and try to understand the mysteries surrounding this greatest of mysteries.
So what do we have?
The legends of Lemuria
You wonder why different peoples living in different parts of the world, so popular fairy tales with a one-eyed giant, as one of the main characters? And all the point is that 850 000 years ago, there lived a island in the Indian Ocean island with a highly developed civilization, which bore the sonorous name of Lemuria. As a result of a natural disaster – flood, volcanic eruption, or perhaps a meteorite, it is now and could not make out a prescription of years – the island was killed, left him alone in the form of fragments of the present Madagascar and Ceylon, and the survivors settled in the Lemurian nearby lands. You say, what have the cyclops? Yes, just on the island and was inhabited by humanoids with huge third eye on his forehead (two small, too, were present, but were less noticeable). It is regrettable, but the death of the island marked the end of this civilization, and the surviving giants gradually povymerli all, however, they died out long enough so that managed to make his mark in the tales of the world. Mystery?
The tribe of giants
And here’s another. Painfully, many on our planet, huge structures – megaliths (reader knows immediately recall the dolmens , Stonehenge, the pyramids on different continents, cities, Mayan Temple of Jupiter in Baalbek, but what’s really, you can list a long time). You can, of course, to explain similar structures mastery of the ancient builders, but why do some 2000 years ago, the giant construction virtually stopped suddenly appear on our planet? Well, build, build, and suddenly stopped? I’m tired, I guess. No, not in this case, they say smart people. Just lived on Earth before the tribe of giants (the descendants of those very people of Lemuria and Atlantis, and can be – for them, we’ll talk), and they possessed the power and wisdom, ponastroili lot of interesting things all over the world, and incidentally transferred the knowledge muddle-headed radical population, which has already ancient Maya, for example, have created a virtually invented the modern calendar and the number “0” (!).
Blooming Antarctica
If you move the tape from the time of Lemuria, a little closer to our age, we find ourselves in a beautiful place we have the southern hemisphere, the majestic temples, flowery meadows and welfare – in Antarctica. Yes, right there on the mainland, today held down with a thick shell of ice, even 15,000 years ago was an ancient civilization, and its inhabitants, to escape from the ice age caused by the shift of the poles, rushed helter-skelter all over the world, who have taken root and where brought together with the advent of new knowledge to their dark natives. And together with the knowledge ponastroili in Egypt, South America and other interesting places of the pyramids, sphinxes, temples and other megalithic structures. Supporters of this theory of the origin of our civilization as evidence leads many old maps showing Antarctica free of ice, dates back to the origin of the Sphinx, the Pyramids, Easter Island statues burly, and the gates of the temple of the Sun in Tiwanaku, and other impressive buildings of the past much earlier date than accepted. And by the way, remember the existence of many legends, many indigenous peoples of blond seafarers who brought with him the light of enlightenment.
Mystery of the Destruction of Atlantis
In connection with the above recall the world-famous myth of Atlantis, buried water abyss somewhere in the vicinity of the Strait about 12,000 years ago (although there are other options for the location and, in fact, sinking. And one of the locations of Atlantis was called Antarctica) . How many copies broken on the existence of a developed country! Truth knows, perhaps only Plato himself, speak about it in their conversations. Rather, he knows whether he invented the story, or indeed recorded the story of ancient Egyptian priests (from the words of Solon, mind you!). Reliability of history attached, of course, the story of the death of the island-state, a terrible flood, buried, tales of which have been preserved in myths and legends of various peoples. You can certainly argue that Plato was a little out of it when he wrote his works, maybe make fun of the descendants wanted. But what about all those many coincidences, time-tested predictions come true, the description of the Atlanteans existing technologies, metals, emerged much later than the life of Plato? Mystery?
Message from other worlds
Now, fast forward it to those regions that were one of the places of landing the freezing of Antarctica (or soaked to the skin of Atlantis?) – In Egypt. Mysterious pyramids, the only surviving ancient wonder of the world to this day are those of the authors of the collision of different hypotheses of origin of the modern world. One of them, completely dismissing some sort of refugees from Antarctica, asks why these three pyramids built not in line, and not anyhow, but just as the stars in the belt of Orion the Hunter? And why do they need mine, located at such an angle that looks at individual stars in the Orion and the same for Sirius – a star in the constellation Canis Major, Orion’s dog hunter? And why such a huge ponastroili pyramids, pharaohs themselves where is that?
And then all this, say proponents of this hypothesis, which built the pyramids are not there any blond sailors from distant countries, and none other than the aliens, who had come to share with us their knowledge. And the cops go after death, right to the very stars, which mine their pyramids looked (there on the walls and it is written). Skeptics, of course, are convinced that all this nonsense, and it’s not mine, and ventilation; why the stars look – so time to explain everything, this ancient right the first time really understand, and the bodies of pharaohs simply kidnapped the ancient thieves. That’s it. Mystery?
So, no answer to the question? Well, how come all the same the world has an explanation! How did all these huge statues, where and why the pyramids, those huge boulders scattered all over the world? Someone and for something they did?

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