People will be able to live to 1,000 years

HumanThe scientists are confident that there will soon be able to overcome old age and calls the period when born man who can live to be 1,000 years old.
California scientist gerontologist Dr. Aubrey de Grey argues that in 20 years will be born the first person who can live a thousand years, and we already live among those who are destined to live 150 years.
This is a fantastic application for the average person did the doctor, based on years of research on aging human body. 48-year-old scientist is sure that would find a time when doctors see all drugs for the treatment of aging, ie the elimination of diseases that occur in people with age. And this in turn will significantly increase the human lifespan.
British expert has “seen” by the time people will go to the doctor for “regular lifts” in the form of gene therapy, stem cell therapy and stimulation of the immune system, as well as other advanced medical technologies. Dr. de Grey describes aging as a lifelong accumulation of various types of molecular and cellular damage throughout the body.
According to statistics, an average of three months is added to the life of an ordinary person with every passing year. Thus, according to experts in the world can be a million centenarians by 2030. To date, the oldest “official” long-liver has become the 122-year-old Japanese man. All in all, Japan has recorded more than 44 thousand centenarians in 2010. However, some researchers believe that the trend towards greater life expectancy may vary due to the obesity epidemic now, which occupied the rich and developing countries.
Of course, there are dissenters to the ideas of Aubrey de Grey. Massachusetts Institute of Technology even appointed a premium of 20 thousand dollars to anyone who can prove that the theory of de Grey’s untrue. However, the applicant for the award has not yet been found.

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