Ghost mushrooms found again

mushroomsThe lush forests of Brazil, the researchers found glow in the dark mushrooms, which has not been seen since 1840. Long-forgotten fungi were re-classified, but researchers are still trying to determine what is keeping the mysterious mushrooms to shine, and why it happens.
Biolyuministsentnye mushrooms, or the body’s ability to produce its own light, were first detected by English botanist George Gardner (George Gardner), who once saw a group of boys playing with shining mushroom in the streets of Villa de Natividad in Brazil. The boys took botany at the place where these fungi grow – at the base of a half-ruined dwarf palms, and Gardner called them Agaricus gardneri. Continue reading “Ghost mushrooms found again”

Anonymous Hackers From Preparing Your Social Network

NETWORKThe Anonymous hackers group said in a blog on Tumblr that they decided to create its own social network, “free from censorship.” The new project is called Anon + and is still in development.
Hackers have already registered a site But he has so far nothing but the announcement of the project, some developers aliases and links to a forum where they debate. The specific launch date Anon + also not yet known, but hackers are promising that this will happen “soon.”
It is reported that one of the distinguishing features of the new social network will have complete anonymity to all participants. Anon +, at the request of hackers, social networking is not just for supporters of Anonymous, but for everyone who wants to participate. Continue reading “Anonymous Hackers From Preparing Your Social Network”

Stunningly beautiful sea

The seas very well know that plunging into the surf caressing, they not only feel pleasure, but also simultaneously undergoing intensive therapy. For many of you will be a great discovery that seawater and human blood plasma are similar in composition. Trace elements and minerals that are contained in sea salt, close to natural skin salts that form a protective layer of moisture and fat. Sodium, bromine, calcium, that penetrates the pores and saturate our bodies with all necessary useful substances. And then the skin free from toxins that accumulate over the years is smoothed, it becomes smooth and elastic. If you know all this, then here’s a note on a very precise map brook . Will not fail to take advantage of it, because summer is almost over. Continue reading “Stunningly beautiful sea”

Body of the deceased monk, not smoldering for nearly three weeks

deceasedA Tibetan monk in New Zealand, died in May, but his body remained for almost three weeks with no signs of rigor mortis and decomposition.
In Rinpoche was stomach cancer, he was found dead May 24 local doctor, who said that Rinpoche’s heart stopped beating and he was no longer breathing. The body was left in a dry place with a relatively low temperature, on a bed under a shroud, a Buddhist center Dargue (Dhargyey Buddhist Center).
According to a local Buddhist community, Rinpoche entered into a “death in meditation,” or tukdam. Rinpoche’s body was cremated later. Continue reading “Body of the deceased monk, not smoldering for nearly three weeks”

The legendary Atlantis

Atlantis! We do not yet know, however, researchers have found another ancient city. In his literary works, “Timaeus” and “Critias”, Plato mentions the island-state of Atlantis, a rich prosperous country destroyed by natural disaster in one day and immersed in the water.
“After all, according to our records, the government put an end to your arrogance of countless military forces going to the conquest of the whole of Europe and Asia, and kept the way from the Atlantic sea. Across the sea in those days it was possible to cross, because there was still an island which lay before the strait which is called in your language Pillars of Hercules. Continue reading “The legendary Atlantis”

Discovered the remains of – Atlantis

The ancient mountains and river beds below the bottom of scientists found the Atlantic – another 56 million years ago to the west of today’s Shetland Islands, lying north-east of Scotland, the land lay.
Now, finding out the ocean floor to the organization of work in oil, scientists have reconstructed the prehistoric landscape, reports Live Science.
For the whole world, it looks like a map of the land of the country, as an ancient fossil landscape preserved in two kilometers under the sea, – said the chief researcher Nicky White, a geologist at the University of Cambridge (UK).
The area surveyed area is about 10 thousand square meters. kilometers. Scientists suggest that even before the appearance of man, this land was a single entity from what is now Scotland and extended to the coast of Norway.
Map of prehistoric earth, hidden beneath the sea floor, managed to draw thanks to the company, which is under contract with the oil industry served a survey of the bottom echo sounders. Letting go of the metal cylinder compressed air under high pressure equipment research thus produced sound waves that reach the ocean floor and penetrated more deeply – under the surface. Continue reading “Discovered the remains of – Atlantis”

New Holland, or a lovely island in the St. Petersburg ….

Holland Island in St Petersburg for the first 300 years of existence has opened for visitors.
As the correspondent of “St.” appeared on the island park with an exhibition space for contemporary artists, playground, cafe, and the first in St. Petersburg city public garden.
It is simply inimitable, and if you are a tourist. and not a resident of the northern capital, then an intrinsic visit this wonderful open-air complex, pre-reserving here hotel room.
In addition, St. Petersburg and visitors can see the concept of New Holland. Continue reading “New Holland, or a lovely island in the St. Petersburg ….”

People will be able to live to 1,000 years

HumanThe scientists are confident that there will soon be able to overcome old age and calls the period when born man who can live to be 1,000 years old.
California scientist gerontologist Dr. Aubrey de Grey argues that in 20 years will be born the first person who can live a thousand years, and we already live among those who are destined to live 150 years.
This is a fantastic application for the average person did the doctor, based on years of research on aging human body. 48-year-old scientist is sure that would find a time when doctors see all drugs for the treatment of aging, ie the elimination of diseases that occur in people with age. And this in turn will significantly increase the human lifespan.
British expert has “seen” by the time people will go to the doctor for “regular lifts” in the form of gene therapy, stem cell therapy and stimulation of the immune system, as well as other advanced medical technologies. Dr. de Grey describes aging as a lifelong accumulation of various types of molecular and cellular damage throughout the body. Continue reading “People will be able to live to 1,000 years”

Open the door to another world may be closed to you forever

worldThe scientific thought in the face of specialists in quantum physics, seriously argues that parallel universes – not a myth and fiction. On our planet, there may be other worlds, other forms and levels of life.
The very knowledgeable scientists do not lead evidence of the existence of parallel worlds, but numerous cases of contact with the mysterious world of people on the “other door” of reality, can not be ignored.
Vadim Chernobrov, author of acclaimed books about anomalous phenomena “The Mystery of the parallel worlds” in his file cabinet has a lot of similar cases. Here’s one interesting thing happened to a girl from England. Continue reading “Open the door to another world may be closed to you forever”

Dogon – a primitive people, or descendants of aliens from Sirius?

One of the numerous tribes of West Africa, living in the valleys of the Niger River in the territory of the modern state of Mali. In terms of its development, they would seem to differ little from those of neighboring tribes. But a more careful study of their myths and legends, it turns out absolutely incredible and difficult to explain evidence of their extraordinary knowledge of astronomy, in particular, the star system of Sirius.
In addition, the Dogon are well aware of the solar system: they are aware of Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. From the tribes , and to this day, staying in polupervobytnom state could gather information, many of which were known only in the 20th century?
In 1931, the French anthropologist Marcel Griol making a journey to West Africa to study the culture and life of local residents, came across one of the Sudanese tribes. It was the Dogon – descendants of the ancient people who lived here for centuries. He was struck by the extraordinary knowledge of this tribe in the universe. For example, they are every fifty years with great pomp, celebrate, called them “Curve”, named in honor of “the beautiful star Curve,” which in the civilized world is called Sirius. Continue reading “Dogon – a primitive people, or descendants of aliens from Sirius?”