Open the door to another world may be closed to you forever

worldThe scientific thought in the face of specialists in quantum physics, seriously argues that parallel universes – not a myth and fiction. On our planet, there may be other worlds, other forms and levels of life.
The very knowledgeable scientists do not lead evidence of the existence of parallel worlds, but numerous cases of contact with the mysterious world of people on the “other door” of reality, can not be ignored.
Vadim Chernobrov, author of acclaimed books about anomalous phenomena “The Mystery of the parallel worlds” in his file cabinet has a lot of similar cases. Here’s one interesting thing happened to a girl from England.
Walking through the woods, little girl could not get out of it, though perfectly saw the hillside on which she had to go. She was surrounded by some of the space surrounded by an invisible wall. The girl desperately called for help, screaming, trying to pass through the invisible wall and … could not do anything!
Survey Group, published in search of a teenager walked by and heard the cries for salvation, even though the girl was watching their actions very well. Once the search engines are gone, vanished into the wall space, the girl escaped from the trap, and made it safely, trembling with fear, home.
Hence comes the paradoxical conclusion that living beings on the other side of another world may well have to see, hear, and we even do not guess about such an observation experiment from another world.
In the north of the Volgograd region has Medveditskaya anomalous zone. Since this place is also related another story.
Four members of the group in 1998, met in the woods two people who appeared from nowhere in front of astonished when they see members of the expedition.
The two had not heard loud screams recruiting people, or even did not pay for researchers in the deep woods any attention.
The notion of “another world” for many millennia. People have long guessed about another form of life, and other physical measurements, home living, thinking beings.
All pagan religions, led by shamans, priests, prophets and beliefs related to witchcraft on their relationship with otherworldly forces with other worlds.
They are in the sacred mysteries of religion, supposedly able to communicate not only the souls of the dead, but go in the past and in the future.
Physicists who study the laws of the universe seriously talk about some of the not yet completely investigated the facts relating to the so-called space – time “windows”.
Through these “windows” are people without even knowing it, fall into other worlds with other parameters of space and time. It can be as present and future. There is some evidence of people getting in the past.
If a person gets into a “damned spot,” he disappears. If, after all, he is able, for whatever reason to get out of this “rotten” space, he identified health problems, there is an unstable psyche.
Such places are what scientists call distortions in space or clefts between the two realities. There is yet a third name for such sites: portals into other dimensions.
Another story associated with the other world. In the 19th century, when there were no limos, no “Rolls-Royces,” two Americans from the state of Connecticut, McArdle – Colonel and Wei – a judge, caught in the rain forest, took refuge in the house, which local people call “the house of horrors” . House in which lived the family: the head of the family, his wife and their five children, a bad reputation. The family, who lived in it, just one day disappeared!
As soon as the Americans entered the house was complete silence and darkness enveloped the house. No loud thunder roared strikes or bright flashes of lightning could be heard from inside the house, did not hear our weary travelers.
Opening the heavy door into another room, they were taken aback.
Before their astonished gaze opened a terrible picture. On the floor, lit by a strange green light, were shrunken corpses of the unfortunate members of the family. Judge Wei fearlessly entered the room and … had disappeared!
Col. McArdle in terrible disarray, immediately slammed the door. After some time in his semiconscious state found near the ill-fated house. After some time he came to himself. But by the end of his days he never regained the lost peace of mind, was neurotic.
Most likely, the two friends were in another physical dimension, in other words, in another parallel world.
Judge Wei because in this world and did not appear. Rather, he was the victim temporarily – the spatial trap from which it could not find the exit.
Researchers studying the properties of space and time, argue that the transition zone – the boundary between the adjacent worlds, can expand or, conversely, lent, that is, change its size.
This phenomenon has officially recorded a loss of the village in 1936, not far from Krasnoyarsk.
Markauasi place in Peru, it is interesting that there is growing stone forest, which, as scientists say researchers, there is a way to another world.
One of the clients known in the capital of Peru – Lima, MD, Raul Sentano, suffered an unusual paralysis of the body. The disease occurred after a strange incident with her and her girlfriend.
They went to the Stone Forest, take a walk.
Walking through the woods, they saw a brightly lit cabin and dancing people there. Fun girlfriend came to the lighted cabin, just from some sharply drawn cold.
Brave the patient opened her door and saw people dancing in the costumes of the 17th century. The fun of people introduced to the sultry Peruvian courage, she opened the door and tried to enter. But, a friend who had heard of the mysterious cases in this area, managed to draw back her door.
So the girl was in the hospital Raul Sentano. Paralysis was scarred that body part that was in the open door. If she went completely, then do not know how to develop life scenario “on the other side of the world” for this woman.
The phenomenon of parallel worlds has not been studied, unfortunately.
A lot of contradictory facts. For example, returned from another world, a girl from England and Medveditskaya expedition. One idea is that such worlds are not one and not two, but quite possibly many dozens that are different from each other.
From then appear the Snowman in areas inhabited by people for many years?
Where we fly to the UFO with green men with disproportionate bodies and telepathic communication?
Where to go and live where legendary creatures – Bigfoot, sometimes appearing among the people?
Why we still can not catch the Loch Ness monster, who, like laughing at people who sometimes shows his crooked serpent head above the surface of Loch Ness?

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