One hundred percent happy.

joyThe space is often called airless, believing that it is void. While this is not the case. In interstellar space there is a gas (usually hydrogen and helium, and hydrogen on the order of magnitude greater). In the universe there are many clouds of dust or gas. Due to the existence of these clouds we do not see the central region of the galaxy itself. These clouds can have up to hundreds of light years away, but their particles can be compressed by the force of gravity ..
After the process of compression of the nebula condensed, reduced in size and simultaneously heated. If the mass of the collapsing matter is sufficient to itself in the process of compression inside could start a nuclear reaction, from the mysterious nebula star will …
The whole world on a silver platter, the star from the sky, the sun and the moon the size of a palm, – all this is at all times gave young lovers are no less in love with these girls … But all these heavenly bodies, however, like billions of years ago ago, are there high in the sky gave.
In our times, all has changed a little …
If you decide to give your favorite star, or rather – to name a star name a favorite, after her selection you will be taken very stylish cardboard box in which the lucky find
Certificate of Water signs, indicating the assignment of a star in her name.
Fairly large-scale photograph the sky plot showing the location of the title of her name your star.
Folder-description with detailed parameters and characteristics of your amazing stars, as well as very precise information about the project.
Give your favorite star. What are the brightest star of its unique name ..

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