New Holland, or a lovely island in the St. Petersburg ….

Holland Island in St Petersburg for the first 300 years of existence has opened for visitors.
As the correspondent of “St.” appeared on the island park with an exhibition space for contemporary artists, playground, cafe, and the first in St. Petersburg city public garden.
It is simply inimitable, and if you are a tourist. and not a resident of the northern capital, then an intrinsic visit this wonderful open-air complex, pre-reserving here hotel room.
In addition, St. Petersburg and visitors can see the concept of New Holland.
In the Central Naval Museum, adjacent to the island, turned exhibition of architectural projects “New Ideas for New Holland.” Visitors will see all 9 projects that participated in the contest, as well as be able to leave their comments on the four concepts, released in the final.
Add that unique complex of architectural monuments of the eighteenth century – the island of New Holland – bordered by two canals and the river in the historic center of St. Petersburg. It was founded in 1719, and in 1721 Peter I opened here the first Russian military port. Since the founding of the island and throughout most of the 300-year history it belonged to the military and was closed to the public.

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