Mysterious Catacombs in Odessa

OdessaDo you ever been to Odessa? If not, then you have the opportunity to visit this city. Odessa-bright, cheerful, lively and distinctive, unique language and history …
Of particular interest in Odessa cause catacombs – underground labyrinths, stretching for 2,500 kilometers. They are probably the longest in the world. Burst pipe, slipped the road, there was a crack on the wall – people blame the Odessa catacombs.
How are they formed? What role do they play in the life of Odessa?
The story began about the catacombs in the 30s of the nineteenth century. Construction of Odessa called for a cheap and available material. But under the city lie the big limestone formations – lightweight and durable limestone.
Extraction of this material in Odessa has become a very profitable business. This resulted in artificial underground cavities – the catacombs. Abandoned mines were at a depth of 35 meters Bol. Following the development of stone old mines emptied and there were new. Underground passages connected to each other, forming a shotgun, a multi-tiered maze, located not only near the city, but on its outskirts.
From the shell is built all the old Odessa. This material is forgotten now. Cellar doors of some buildings lead directly into the catacombs.
During World War II hiding in the catacombs of the guerrillas. For them, these quarries were not only shelter but a home. Therefore, their ability to adapt to a shelter. Life under the ground had a lot of features. Around the pandemonium was darkness. It was not possible at all times to burn kerosene lamps, kerosene burned because oxygen and there was nothing to breathe. In addition, the breed absorbs sound, so if you get lost in the catacombs, then your cries no one hears.
For a long stay in the dark and silence caused hallucinations. Interestingly, the investigated only 1,700 kilometers of catacombs, because much remains to be seen.
Recently discovered new mines. Papers were found in 1910, as well as kerosene lamps and notes tsarist times. These are things that no one had touched a lot of years, once belonged to the inhabitants of the grim Odessa catacombs – the revolutionaries and teroristam, thieves and bandits, guerrillas and their families…
It – the history of Odessa – a fun and beautiful, dark, violent and heroic.

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