Foam Coast in Australia

CoastThe coast of Australia near Sydney could be seen a surprising picture: the entire coastline was absorbed into sea foam, as if someone was going to “shave” the coast. Foam swallowed up the entire beach and half of all the nearby buildings, including the local rescue center. Unexpected invasion of the foam group felt the surfers who were waiting for a big wave, and were eventually absorbed into a giant foamy mass.
As scientists say, is the amount of sea foam appears because of the large amount of contaminated water into the ocean. Indeed, in the foam water was found a lot of dead algae, fish, plankton and other organic substances. Foam formation takes place through the formation of many bubbles from the excitement of water, which becomes greater than the flow of waves closer to shore – and as a result of sea foam is obtained.
Scientific studies have shown that the foam is possible if the wind speed in the open sea more than 6 meters per second. Under this condition, wind energy is enough to hold the foam bubbles on the wave crest to the shore.
By the way, foamy shore “model 2007” stretches along the coast of Australia for 48 miles. This phenomenon is not seen for quite some time – just over 30 years ago it was possible to observe a similar phenomenon. A similar phenomenon can be observed on the ground in muddy streams or rivers, which formed off the coast looks like foam.
This surprising phenomenon may be considered natural. It is not dangerous to humans, but that use water from these areas is not desirable.

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