Dogon – a primitive people, or descendants of aliens from Sirius?

One of the numerous tribes of West Africa, living in the valleys of the Niger River in the territory of the modern state of Mali. In terms of its development, they would seem to differ little from those of neighboring tribes. But a more careful study of their myths and legends, it turns out absolutely incredible and difficult to explain evidence of their extraordinary knowledge of astronomy, in particular, the star system of Sirius.
In addition, the Dogon are well aware of the solar system: they are aware of Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. From the tribes , and to this day, staying in polupervobytnom state could gather information, many of which were known only in the 20th century?
In 1931, the French anthropologist Marcel Griol making a journey to West Africa to study the culture and life of local residents, came across one of the Sudanese tribes. It was the Dogon – descendants of the ancient people who lived here for centuries. He was struck by the extraordinary knowledge of this tribe in the universe. For example, they are every fifty years with great pomp, celebrate, called them “Curve”, named in honor of “the beautiful star Curve,” which in the civilized world is called Sirius.
With what is so rare and associated celebrations? Dogon scholar explained that every fifty years Curve star makes a complete turn around each other “invisible star”. According to the chief of the tribe, this star is very small compared to Sirius, but its density is such that “… if you bring together all people, and they could not raise even a small piece of it …” In addition, in their opinion, there is is a third star.
These explanations have led anthropologists to confusion: if the stars can not see where they are aware of their existence? In response, they were shown the rock carvings, depicting the elliptical orbit of Curve in the bottom of which is the same and located the invisible star Sirius which prompted turn around on this orbit.
In addition, the Dogon have told scientist on the formation of the universe: “In the beginning of all things was Amma – the God who is not resting on anything. Amma was a ball, egg, egg and it was closed. Apart from him there was nothing … The world was still inside Amma’s no time and no space. Time and space merge into one. But the moment when Amma opened his eyes. However, his idea came out of the spiral, which fluttered in his belly, marked the future growth of the world … ”
According to the theory of cosmology, the universe was formed in the Big Bang, before which all matter was compressed to an incredible density and cover only a very small volume. Neither space nor time as such did not exist. After the Big Bang began the process of continuous expansion of the universe, which is to this day. The most recent data obtained by the most powerful radio telescopes only confirm this hypothesis.
As for the star system of Sirius, the scientists have recently felt that it consists of only two stars – Sirius A and Sirius B, which in general until the 19th century no one but themselves Dogon did not know! This star was first officially recorded “white dwarf”, whose density is equal to 50 tons per cubic centimeter, which is confirmed by the stories of the leader! But where this tribe has learned, lost in the valleys of the deaf African rivers?
At this point there are different opinions. The most incredible and at the same time the most common is the version of the so-called paleokontakte, ie hypothesis about visiting the Earth in the distant past, representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. This is indicated not only myths Dogon, but legends of the Sumerians of the Annunaki – Gods, descended from the heavens. Perhaps aliens from Sirius or one of its satellites actually visited our planet in prehistoric times, and seeing signs of intelligent life here, have decided to transfer some of their knowledge of the emerging civilization.
There is also another version, based on allegations that once existed on Earth has its own advanced civilization, who died as a result of a monstrous natural disaster. The Legend of Atlantis – a clear confirmation.
As for the Dogon themselves, they argue that the knowledge they have received from God on behalf of Nommo. According to them, Nommo came from heaven in a special apparatus. When he landed, the ground around the raging, lightning struck, began an incredible storm. Once the machine touched the earth’s surface, all was quiet and he had a ladder from the ten steps, the door opened, and from there the gods …
Maybe all it really does look fantastic excerpt from the novel, but such stories are found in many nations of the ancient world, and it would be strange to regard them as the fruit of a sick imagination bivshihsya in religious ecstasy, the priests. And if it’s really a coincidence, then another surprise: Almost all the myths together a special mission with which the gods came to Earth. It is to create and populate the planet with intelligent life ..

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