Be always young

YoungEvery thirty years girl decorates his youth, after – care and attention. Each of us wants to look fresh and beautiful as a young man, not at the same time imposing on our face tons of makeup. The beauty industry strongly supports this approach: new miracle creams wrinkles, new salon procedures, etc.
True, despite the advertising, cosmetic creams are only able to tighten the skin slightly. What do you do if lines are quite noticeable? Do not hide them well with a thick layer of makeup! It is for these purposes and there are salon treatments using btoksa and Dysport. These two medications which are also called injections of youth, are widely used in cosmetics to combat facial wrinkles and static. In addition, Botox injections are often saved and headaches caused by muscle tension.
Determine which of the two drugs is right for you will master in a beauty salon. Also, do not hurt to consult with a physician beautician. These drugs differ in the concentration of botulinum neurotoxin content of A: in the Dysport preparation concentration is higher by almost five times. On the other hand, and the effect occurs on the second day after injection, whereas the effect of Botox is noticeable on the fifth and even sixth day.
In addition to getting rid of facial wrinkles and static various depths Botox or Dysport help solve a number of other problems, such as sweating, facial asymmetry correction, correction of eyebrows and mouth, and much more. With virtually no age restriction on the use of drugs. Instant Beauty with the procedures available and the girls who have just begun to show the first wrinkles and their mothers and grandmothers. The effect of the injection of beauty is preserved up to a year, in rare cases up to six years.
Injection of drugs occur easily and painlessly. For beauty shots using fine needles. In addition, to undergo the procedure Botox or Dysport can be almost any beauty salon. And the procedure itself should not take more than twenty minutes. The price of salon procedures ranges from 150-300 dollars, depending on the salon and the type of procedure.
With regard to side effects of injections, it all depends on individual sensitivity to the drug and a cosmetologist, entrusted with carrying out the procedure. Among the possible side effects of some swelling, redness, irritation and numbness of the skin, drooping eyelid or eyebrow, a local allergy, double vision, headache, and increased tenderness of the skin face. All of these dire consequences are possible only as a result of unprofessional conduct and procedures for properly selected doses. These effects are not irreversible and will soon disappear.

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