All life on credit

Time passes infinitely quickly. Analyze – not so long ago buying anything on credit was possible to calculate a reliable act. And the people who committed these acts, others were perceived as great originals.

Then, suddenly, it turned out that all one way or another advanced ladies and gentlemen engaged in it. But this period lasted not so long. These days, buying on credit – just routine, banal event, which has nothing to do with advancement. Completely different people do it, with all of this quite often do not realize the consequences.
It is no secret that the credits taken at a time when not enough money for it to fully pay the required purchase – be it a car, washing machine, or a new plasma TV. So from a practical point of view of rational credit – this is a real alternative to the cumulative payments.

With all that in most cases to have recourse loan is not for the reason that there is no opportunity to accumulate, but because, for whatever reasons, wish to obtain their own or that thing or service immediately, without exhausting savings and expectations. And for some reason are willing to overpay for it instantly.
But enough credit for no apparent necessity, simply because he is doing it all around – it is something out of irrationality, a financial sadomasochism … The question is – how well you can compare the people that took the loan, with the hostages?
This is a complex question. By and large, in our lives, most people – this is exactly the hostages consumer attitude to his own life. We want to live better and to stop washing it by hand and buy a washing machine, change the cars on the domestic automobile industry Mercedes, a small Dormitory in a big apartment house on a solid cottage. With all that our desires can be fulfilled if by magic, and allow yourself to all and we can not instantly.
Credit – this is not an end in itself, but one of many ways to solve a variety of life tasks. Service that will have to pay extra money. Service that has become habitual abroad and becoming quite common in our country. One does not have an elderly American, I heard that his friends and colleagues in the natural order of things 80% of salary to return a variety of financial authorities as the various payments for loans – for the car, the rent for the use of credit cards. Good or bad – do not judge us.
I never lived in the U.S.. I live in Moscow and I think that in our time for our people is very important to learn how to sensibly use a useful service called credit facilities and to learn how to analyze a variety of options and learn to choose the best of all possible proposals to try to learn to understand the formation of pricing and try not to overpay a lot of superfluous . In general, to understand, with what you are dealing with ….

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