Foam Coast in Australia

CoastThe coast of Australia near Sydney could be seen a surprising picture: the entire coastline was absorbed into sea foam, as if someone was going to “shave” the coast. Foam swallowed up the entire beach and half of all the nearby buildings, including the local rescue center. Unexpected invasion of the foam group felt the surfers who were waiting for a big wave, and were eventually absorbed into a giant foamy mass.
As scientists say, is the amount of sea foam appears because of the large amount of contaminated water into the ocean. Indeed, in the foam water was found a lot of dead algae, fish, plankton and other organic substances. Foam formation takes place through the formation of many bubbles from the excitement of water, which becomes greater than the flow of waves closer to shore – and as a result of sea foam is obtained. Continue reading “Foam Coast in Australia”

Stone wave in the Australian city of Perth

waveThe amazing stone wave is 340km east of the city of Petra in Australia. This is a unique creation of nature formed by the wind, which is like a skillful sculptor literally carved this huge wave of red sandstone.
The height of this wave is about 15 meters, length – 100 meters. According to scientists, these rock formations more than 2.7 billion years old.
The name of this rock wave – Wave Rock. And many surfers consider it their duty to come to these places to Australian imprint themselves against the rock wave.

Garden sculptures of fantastic

sculpturesThere are unusual in the Australian garden, which is definitely worth a visit on occasion. Here are some of the sculptures created by renowned artist Bruno Torfsom here. All of these sculptures look very natural and natural, so easy to make a mistake by taking the next statue for a real person or a mythical creature.
The mystery and mythical sculptures Torfsa Bruno made of wood and clay, giving the surrounding dense forest. But the most attractive is nocturnal visit garden sculptures – in the dim light they look more than realistic. Continue reading “Garden sculptures of fantastic”

Mysterious Catacombs in Odessa

OdessaDo you ever been to Odessa? If not, then you have the opportunity to visit this city. Odessa-bright, cheerful, lively and distinctive, unique language and history …
Of particular interest in Odessa cause catacombs – underground labyrinths, stretching for 2,500 kilometers. They are probably the longest in the world. Burst pipe, slipped the road, there was a crack on the wall – people blame the Odessa catacombs.
How are they formed? What role do they play in the life of Odessa?
The story began about the catacombs in the 30s of the nineteenth century. Construction of Odessa called for a cheap and available material. But under the city lie the big limestone formations – lightweight and durable limestone. Continue reading “Mysterious Catacombs in Odessa”

One hundred percent happy.

joyThe space is often called airless, believing that it is void. While this is not the case. In interstellar space there is a gas (usually hydrogen and helium, and hydrogen on the order of magnitude greater). In the universe there are many clouds of dust or gas. Due to the existence of these clouds we do not see the central region of the galaxy itself. These clouds can have up to hundreds of light years away, but their particles can be compressed by the force of gravity ..
After the process of compression of the nebula condensed, reduced in size and simultaneously heated. If the mass of the collapsing matter is sufficient to itself in the process of compression inside could start a nuclear reaction, from the mysterious nebula star will … Continue reading “One hundred percent happy.”

Ukrainian Miami Beach …

BeachYoung secretary and buhgaltershi older hung on the desktop of the computer picture with romantic views of the sea. Such findings have made the American sociologists after a thorough investigation…
Zatoka that close to the glorious Odessa, Ukrainian is called Miami Beach ..
Here we can walk into some bathing suits and swimming trunks all day though – the climate and manners in Zatoke most that is democratic. A beach is so close that the concept of “second-third line,” just loses all meaning. In Zatoke all necessary and interesting, without exception, on the first line of the surf … Continue reading “Ukrainian Miami Beach …”

Be always young

YoungEvery thirty years girl decorates his youth, after – care and attention. Each of us wants to look fresh and beautiful as a young man, not at the same time imposing on our face tons of makeup. The beauty industry strongly supports this approach: new miracle creams wrinkles, new salon procedures, etc.
True, despite the advertising, cosmetic creams are only able to tighten the skin slightly. What do you do if lines are quite noticeable? Do not hide them well with a thick layer of makeup! It is for these purposes and there are salon treatments using btoksa and Dysport. These two medications which are also called injections of youth, are widely used in cosmetics to combat facial wrinkles and static. In addition, Botox injections are often saved and headaches caused by muscle tension. Continue reading “Be always young”

All life on credit

Time passes infinitely quickly. Analyze – not so long ago buying anything on credit was possible to calculate a reliable act. And the people who committed these acts, others were perceived as great originals.

Then, suddenly, it turned out that all one way or another advanced ladies and gentlemen engaged in it. But this period lasted not so long. These days, buying on credit – just routine, banal event, which has nothing to do with advancement. Completely different people do it, with all of this quite often do not realize the consequences. Continue reading “All life on credit”

The most fun car

CarThe press service AZLK, launched in the release of “Moskvich” new model – “Basil”, which is sure to prove vaunted foreign cars and brazen, who on the roads of our homeland owner!
Judge for yourself – a super all-wheel drive (for each of the four wheels individually, even the spare tire, 20-speed gearbox, reversing five gears, glass elevators, which operate in three modes, a removable interchangeable driveshaft – If there was a way of fighting, seven-cylinder engine with cylinders of different diameters. I would say that selling cars of this class – not an easy task. As the exclusive, you know, and this – a delicate matter. And how many more bells and whistles! Continue reading “The most fun car”

Amazing hypnotic techniques

Our great society inevitably associated with high growth informative activity – it has a direct bearing as to the areas of consumption and production of this important information.
Today, we ascertained the facts, as the most advanced technologies informative, in addition to its realistic purpose, become a hitherto unheard of power by means of mind control in our society.
This may include a lot of advertising and polling technology, NLP or in other words – neuro-linguistic programming, all sorts of psycho-technology and to instill in different social spheres. Continue reading “Amazing hypnotic techniques”