Which stones are useful to wear Aries?

The Stone like Diamond provides support to the owner only if it is acquired and used ingeniously.
People born under the sign of the Zodiac “Aries” (21.03 – 20.04), differ sincerity, frankness, courage, honesty, optimism and trust. Of the negative qualities can be called selfish and short temper. Today we tell about the stones, the patron of Aries.
The hardest mineral in the world has always been the personification of the ideal of power and perfection. Since ancient times people believed that the man who wears jewelry with a diamond cut diamond, has indestructible force and protected from the magic spell. Interestingly the current view that the diamond is supporting its owner only if it is acquired and used ingeniously. Modern litoterapevty believe that diamond has a positive effect on the functioning of the heart and brain, relieves fatigue, tones metabolism. Ring or diamond earrings are saving people from nightmares and depression. And they say that water, which at night were diamond jewelry is very helpful for overall health.
In ancient times, Bowen called the stone of fidelity, were convinced that it protects the family ties. So decorate this dark-green mineral that still a good gift to the couple. Psychics believe that Bowen helped to plunge into the unconscious, promotes openness and love for others. Bowen is useful in spinal diseases and cardiovascular system in diabetes.
It is no accident, no magic ritual is complete without a crystal ball. After all, this modification favors the concentration of quartz, the improvement of speech and mental activity. In ancient times, with the help of the stone burned wound, passing through it, the sun’s rays. Today believe that the use of rock crystal effective in the treatment of varicose veins and colds, to eliminate the headaches and reduce fever. In addition, rock crystal ornaments to facilitate communication with the higher heavenly forces and the development of piety.
There are green, yellow, purple, black kyanite, but the most common – blue. The main advantage of this mineral is its ability to eliminate negative energy, do not accumulate it. Kyanite has a beneficial effect on all of the human body, soothes and helps to remember dreams.
Tektites – it rocks the earth, molten and solidified due to the fall of meteorites. Even in ancient times these stones were called celestial charms, and valued for the unusual origin. It is believed that interaction with tektites organized with the past, and jewelry with him improve memory. Often, this mineral is recommended for those whose work is related to experiences in the mental and emotional spheres. If we talk about the healing properties of tektites, then it’s great impact on the functional activity of the brain and the musculoskeletal system.
Moldavite is rare variety of tektites. These “heavenly” green stones develop intuition. According to litoterapevtov, Moldova, helps regulate emotions, avoid stress, tseleben for brain and musculoskeletal system. Jewellery with a sense of moldavite give people confidence, and increase vitality.
Coloration of this gem can be different – red, gold, brown, blue, green, black – depending on the impurities of chemical compounds. Once considered a mascot zircon actors and pilgrims. Hyacinth, as this mineral is called in Russia, gives its holder the forces of energy and confidence. Mineralogist say that zircon is effective in treating insomnia, as well as liver diseases, digestive system and brain.
Morgan – a pale pink variation of beryl. This unique mineral helps protect you from enemies, a new look at the world, generates a love for life. His healing abilities are associated with beneficial effects on the spine, stomach and heart. Also, it is useful in the treatment of gynecological and colds.
Morion – it is black and dark brown quartz. Fans of the mystics believe that morion helps cause the soul of the deceased. Black quartz, as before it was called, purifies blood, strengthens bone tissue, eliminating the drug. However, like a diamond, Morion only helps people with pure intentions – they have it develops imagination and spirituality. Otherwise, he can bring a person into trouble.

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