Which stones are advised to wear Pisces?

Yellow Opal
Man and women born under the sign of Pisces, are endowed with insight, ability to sacrifice, they are inquisitive, emotional, dreamy, talented, loyal and always ready to help. To succeed, they lack self-confidence and practical skills. If you believe in magic and healing power of minerals, they can be used to develop your best qualities of the soul and eradicate the evils. Today we look at the stones, the recommended Pisces.
According to the ideas litho therapy, this mineral is a symbol of family happiness. With regular use of aragonite restored sanity disappear experiences. In ancient times believed that with the help of aragonite can easily communicate with the other world. Incidentally, in the therapeutic mud from the Dead Sea contains a lot of aragonite, so they are useful in skin diseases.
White Sea
The White Sea is considered a talisman to historians, because it helps to better understand and explore the past. This mineral protects its wearer from evil spirits, absorbs negative energy, and promotes intuition. White Sea makes you feel good man with heart disease, and diseases of the joints, runs and insomnia. And if you put this pearl-blue mineral under your pillow, you can see a prophetic dream.
Sometimes green, white, yellow, brown and colorless. According to litoterapevtov, Wawel beneficial effect on the blood system, soothes and helps to tune, so to speak, on the positive. In addition, this mineral protects its wearer from negative environmental influences.
In the ancient oriental magicians believed that the jet protects a person from the dark forces, takes all the bad things that affect him, becoming a more and more black. Ornaments of jet help to become more decisive and confident. Finally, the jet can deal with diseases of the digestive and musculoskeletal systems.
So called transparent, bluish-green opals. These, like frozen peas, minerals, beneficial effect on the functioning of the nervous system, control the feelings, experiences, contribute to the embodiment of his plans.
Demantoid – the rarest species of green garnets. It is great refracts light, and it is compared only to diamond. Once upon a time long ago in our country demantoid even called the Ural emerald. Demantoid allows a person to discover their talents, calmness and serenity. Useful it is for health: diseases of view, the skin, high blood pressure.
As you know, the emerald is a gem. From time immemorial, it was called the stone of wisdom, serenity and hope. It helps to improve memory and nervous system. Apply emerald, and to combat insomnia, diseases of the spine and cardiovascular system. It is said that the emerald is able to attract prosperity into the house and family happiness.
Of this mineral has always been made a lot of legends. Pink coral symbolized immortality in Europe coral modesty personified, while in Russia was considered prophetic stone. Modern litoterapevty sure that coral has a positive effect on psyche, develops intuition. It is useful to wear coral jewelry to enhance the immune system, diseases of circulatory system, heart, thyroid, asthma.
Probably due to the fact that there are a variety of color opals, they have long been considered a symbol of impermanence. In the East, opal symbolized love, faith and was a true antidote to gloomy thoughts. Still believed that this stone helps the growth and development of the child. Opal is often used for nervous and infectious diseases, as well as to gain insight.
Once believed that the Peridot strengthens the spirit, protects against the evil eye, helps to achieve success in friendship and love. It is useful to wear ornaments of this mineral for the treatment of disorders of the digestive system and pain in the spine.
It is believed that olivine normalizes heart function and helps with vision impairment, diseases of the musculoskeletal system and even eliminates stuttering. In addition, the chrysolite helps to gain confidence after the turmoil of life, promotes openness and the development of a sixth sense.

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