What we not aware princess Olga?

17 Jun

OlgaOlga – (Christian name – Elena) (about 890-969, Kiev) grand duchess Kyivska wife Igor. After murder husband Drevlyane (945) cruelly stifled their uprising. In 945-947 definited the size piculs for drevlyan and Novgorodians organized administrative centers – pogosts. Significantly expanded zemskie ownership Kievsky Great Princes home. In 955 (or 957) visited Constantinople; adopted Christianity. Rules State years infancy her son Svyatoslav Igorevich and later during his hikes. In 968 supervised protection Kyiv from Pechenegs. Canonised Russian church “. (TSB)
In more drilldown literary exposition her biography looks so. In distant 945 lived-was Prince Igor. AND was him wife. Prince was dyuzhe greedy and somehow decided twice taxes assemble with one legal entity. Face Offended insidiously killed tax collector. Olga learned this and hist revenge her was fixed “Povest talented chronicler.
Since bad drevlyans wished take widow in wives its sole prince then sent thereto delegation with Wedding offer. First delegation Olga buried alive second burned similarly, third insidiously drunk and bade warriors killed. Straight creeps from simple exposition facts … And if still and recollect final act dramas when princess burned ashes capital drevlyan then altogether not most pleasant personality confronts our eyes.
And nonetheless Olga was canonized saint church. Certainly not for his zealous observance Pagan rites reprisal for what she became the first regent country adopted Christianity. Official version stipulates that above described revenge proved not on forces woman what ubiennye were her nightmares until one wise priest not advised her accept Christianity describing all pluses rite repentance. Olga obeyed drove to center then Christianity – Constantinople that in Byzantium (nowadays Istanbul) gained godfather represented Emperor Constantine Bagryanorodniy infiltrated ideas faith and became her explicit champion of that successfully closer universal Christianizing Rus year 1000. Very “slicked” personage turned … What actually known about this amazing woman?
Primarily – who she descent? History contradicts itself, posing different versions most widespread of whom – what Olga was norman Princess named Helga and she was pupil Oleg (“Prophetic Oleg” same that perished from snakebite). In annals say what Oleg “led” Olga in wives Igor, his pupil, in 903. Proof this theory can assume fact that Olga quite respected Varangian druzhina because not been no conspiracy against her inside State.
Perhaps she was slavyanki from Pskov named beautiful. Renamed thanks Oleg who (echoing previous version) brought her unto Igor. Favoring Pskov (like Izborsk) said fact that from all cities Russian exactly they were blessed Olga means more all others.
Karamzin considers her women commoners (commoner) Russian genus. Served she perevozchitsey River and once passenger her became prince himself Igor. Pleased him girl yes failed incline her to rendezvous in bushes what strongly began to respect and decided immediately marry. Beautiful skazka but very dubious. First Ryurik were so full desires create nobleman genus Rjurikovichej that mesalliance was not benefit them.
However all legends converge one: Olga was “came” not Kyiv woman. Probably why she managed so dashingly pribrat power to hands – in our country long observed much greater respect for “came” than to “their”. Recollect least Katsyaryna II.
Know nothing we about age Olga. When she could born? How old could she be issued behind Igor? What age bore she its sole (?) Son Svyatoslav? Alone historians consider date her birth 925 year. Pleasantly certainly assume her beautiful young widow 20 years when in 945 she so cruelly avenged deceased husband. Favoring this version saith Born Svyatoslava – 942 year. True whereas age difference spouses obtained district 40 years (birthday prince Igor too Unknown but we know he adopted throne from Prince Oleg in 882 and explicitly already was capable manage State).
However “Povest says prince Oleg led his pupil Igor wife in 903 that automatically increases age Olga 25 years how minimum. Could baby woman whose under fifty? In principle all perhaps … Then age difference between spouses not as great albeit this case epithet “old husband” not seems inappropriate. AND spiritual impulses aside Christianity have more stable base. Besides nothing aware privacy duchess Olga after death husband. Left would young widow alone? But in 40 years woman considered already published in circulation crone – till new whether marriages her? Although history innocent flirting with emperor Constantine and expounded in “Povest but Emperor himself somehow no way remembers him in his memoirs although version chronicler enamored was so that suggested Olga marriage although had quite legitimate spouse on moment.
Wants believe in love that bound Olga and Igor. Not want think she beginning avenge so scary guided only political considerations. Much romantic see ourselves blinded heartbroken woman sake love descends to revenge. Besides (!) Igor lived during times when polygamy was normal phenomenon – and nonetheless nothing unknown about his “Harem”. Again hope solely romantic reasons he never took currently additional wives.

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