What promise dreams?

23 Jun

Dreams-Someone takes all such information with bayonets, nonsense, they say, on vegetable oil. Someone listens. There are also those who see everything at face value. What is it really? But who knows.
But almost any man, no, no, yes and pulls remember their nocturnal adventures, think about what this all meant and whether or not to have any meaning. It is not surprising, because dreams are so vivid that it is impossible to forget them for a long time.
It is well known that the reality of the night predictions associated with the phases of the Moon – Mistress of the night life. But we are not used to synchronize its clock with the moon and live on a traditional calendar: day by day, week to week.
Given that each day of the week astrologers associated with the power of a planet, we can assume that the significance of dreams depends not only on the moon, but also from the traditional calendar. Try to understand.

Monday. As you know – heavy day. Is at the mercy of the moon. No matter what we saw on Monday night, it will be a reflection of our emotional and psychological state and is likely to be associated with the daily chores. Family, children, life, family – well, vanity.
Long and rich, like a television show, a dream is preparing “viewer” to the mass of everyday concerns. If more water and had a dream – there will be hell to pay. Much better if the dream would be “short.” The shorter the sleep, the less fuss.
Tuesday. Day of Mars. Rapid, active planet. Dreams on Tuesday will show whether you have another “shot in the locker.” Mars – a warrior, so the dreams are connected not only with actions, but with wars, conflicts and scandals.
If the sleep from Monday to Tuesday calm, it means that your energy has found a good use, everything goes “as planned”, potential obstacles are easily overcome.
Vivid and memorable dream indicates that you are full of energy, which tends splashed out. Feel free to get down to any business, you do much on the shoulder. The presence of sharp objects in a dream – more proof of your willingness to take action. The situation, as in the joke: “What is there to think, to shake it!” Leadership in a dream – a good sign.
On the contrary, a bad dream warns of inflated self-esteem. Forces should take care, and the plans revised to keep the ambitious aspirations.
Environment. Under the direction of Mercury. Mercury Air mediator often speaks a lot and nothing else. Light variety is difficult to recall dreams in the morning. But if the sleep from Tuesday to Wednesday remembered, so you can retrieve it from a lot of useful information about the people of their usual circle of friends.
Saturation of sleep events reflects your communication skills. The more frequently changing subjects, the wider your circle of friends, the easier and more fun to chat with you.
Miser at the event, calm and uninteresting dream warns of lack of information, the possibility of difficult situations in which you will be nobody to help.
Stir in the dreams of Mercury means the variety and change for the better, new meetings and new relationships. But if the night was in flight, get ready for new knowledge and information. They allow you to become less dependent on the circumstances.

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