What magical properties have trees?

treeWood has always fascinated people with its grandeur, incomprehensible, mysterious. Weather conditions around the forest even greater aura of mystery: remember grove shrouded in fog, leaves, glittering in the sun after the rain … And what do you feel when the sky unexpectedly delayed by clouds and everything sank into silence and darkness? Perhaps under the influence of such impressions people legends and supernatural
Ash is a tree, helping people find purpose in life. In Slavic mythology ash tree was revered as the resurrection as a conduit between people and the world of the gods. To this day, wood ash is used for divination: runes are made out of it, charms. In Scandinavia, the arms of this tree is endowed with magical powers, who awards the owner the right leadership. And according to the ideas of Europeans, particularly the magical ability to ward off evil spirits and beneficial effects on a person has a smoke from a fire of ash wood.
According to the European symbolism, apple – a symbol of eternal life. Many folk tales are the legends of the fruits of this tree: it is the Greek golden apples, and Celtic island of apples, and, of course, the Slavonic rejuvenating apples. Apple – the patroness of women. Believe: to see her betrothed in a dream and feel the erotic emotions, the shy girl to lie down under an apple tree in summer. Amulets from the tree good for your health: they help to improve metabolism and the regulation of water metabolism. Apple beneficially affects the emotional state by neutralizing the anxiety and stress.
Like an apple tree, gives strength to women ash. In ancient times believed that it arouses in the fair sex love, and adds beauty. With the same purpose recommended to wear self-made beads of rowan berries. From time immemorial, rowan symbolized modesty and grace. To protect the house from fire, mountain ash planted around the house. It was felt that the ash develops foresight and protects them from harm. Above the threshold to attach two branches of mountain ash tied criss-cross red thread – the evil eye. The tourists in our own time to disinfect the water put into it for three hours with a branch of mountain ash berries.
In the views of the people and the fate of women symbolized the viburnum. It is no accident of its red berries, used as an ornament wreath bridal and wedding cake. In Ukraine, a baby girl, in order to be healthy and happy, bathed in the water with berries Viburnum. Another Kalina, as the embodiment of maternal care, planted on the graves of unmarried and early deaths of men.
But the male tree is the cypress. It has long been a belief that this tree has a positive effect on male sexual activity, increases the potency. Cypress introduces marital bond harmony and courage. Phytotherapists say, in order to experience the miraculous effect of cypress can grow it at home. And then the powerful energy of cypress endow man charisma and charm. There is also a view that the cypress help with a problem that requires immediate resolution. According to the Gospel, was built of cypress cross for the crucifixion of Christ. He is considered a tree of sorrow and serenity. A mountain of Athos monasteries are often called, and cypress.
Bird-cherry tree
Bird cherry in Russia represents a youthfulness and vitality. Spoken to people who suffer from melancholy, blues, indifference. It gives soul to the optimism, joy and pain of disappointment rebuked and helps to love.
The Slavs believed that justice will nut. To calm down and take the right decision, people often come to this tree, “for advice.” Today, many phytotherapists believe that Hazel is really a very strong power that promotes an objective view of the problem.
Maple stands restraint. In the past, maple called good, light wood, believing that it inhabited a deity. They said that the maple growing near the house, brought him wealth, protect from the elements and evil. The branches of the maple is often used in the rites of the Orthodox holidays: in Belarus Saturday before Trinity was called “Maple”, believed that in the branches of a maple hide the souls of dead relatives.
Larch trees is among the pacifying role. In the old days, to heal wounds, first applied to larch. And now believe that if you honestly tell the tree about their experiences, it will definitely improve your mood and help to tune in to positive.
In ancient Greece, was a symbol of inspiration, willow, melancholy, female elegance. According to Christian understanding, willow – the personification of death and sadness. The Slavs believed that willow sympathetic human suffering and takes all his pain. It is known that many European nations believed that the willow is able to cure women of sterility: this willow branches were placed under the bed.

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