What is useful to carry stones to Aquarius?

23 Jun

Already in ancient times people have noticed that almost all minerals have this or that magical and healing properties. Moreover, each stone affects all people differently, so when choosing a mineral must first consider his Zodiac sign. Today we tell about the stones, which are recommended to wear Aquarius (21.01 – 20.02).
In lithotherapy, science that studies the properties of minerals, it is believed that azurite is useful for hypertension, diseases of the respiratory, nervous system, deterioration of vision. It helps cleanse the blood and bile. In ancient times believed that jewelry azurite relieve the owner of melancholy, because he carries the healing energy and a positive effect on a person’s thoughts.
Since ancient times, amethyst is the stone of purity and devotion. It is widely used in meditation because it is in contact with parallel worlds and gives the owner of insight. Amethyst calms the nerves, resulting in the order of thought. Ring with this mineral to bring good luck to athletes, but if you put a stone under the pillow at night will not be tortured sleeplessness.
Aquamarine – the stone of friendship, justice and longevity. Jewelry made of it are advised to wear in case of skin and lungs, digestive tract, allergies. This mineral helps to even get rid of toothache, and seasickness. Aquamarine has a stimulating effect on the entire body, it relieves tension, helps to find peace of mind. Also, it can take a person from danger and enemies. They say that aquamarine can judge the weather and the mood of a person, if its color is bright, the weather is clear and the soul of its owner’s well, as if the stone is cloudy, the owner overcome painful unpleasant thoughts, and the weather will change in weather.
Angeli has a positive effect on the immune system, helps with sore throat. It also helps to achieve emotional balance and neutralize the negative thoughts and character traits. This mineral is often called the stone of the angels, because it is considered that it can be used to establish communication with the higher heavenly forces.
By grenades is a group of minerals that includes almandine, grossular, dematoid and others. Litoterapevty believe that pomegranate helps combat headaches, skin problems, digestion, circulation, allergies. Widely used for magical purposes grenades: it to this day is often called the stone of love, because love it excites and pleases the soul. Red garnets evoke a sense of courage, strengthen the will to improve self-esteem. A ring with garnet, according to medieval notions, gives its owner power over people.
Quartz – one of the most common minerals in the world. Infused on a quartz water has healing properties. In addition, products made of quartz are useful in diseases of the chest and lungs. According to litoterapevtov, quartz drives away boredom and gives the owner the gift of clairvoyance.
Rose Quartz
This delicate pink quartz recommended for use with stress incontinence and. If you regularly wear jewelry made of quartz, a person will increase creativity and confidence in their abilities. And quartz brings love and family happiness and promotes longevity. For therapeutic purposes it is used as an aid in diseases of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, the spine.
The source of this mineral is shells of marine ears. In the East it is associated with good intentions and wishes of happiness. The special strength of the shells is associated with enhanced perceptions of chronic disease.
It has long been considered a symbol of success chrysoprase, a talisman against the evil eye and envy. It promotes the development of rhetoric, to attract wealth and friends. Previously believed that turbidity chrysoprase owner warns of the danger. Beneficial effect and impact on health chrysoprase: It strengthens sight, cleanses the blood, soothes rheumatism, reduces blood pressure and helps to find peace of mind.
There is red, yellow, green and blue zircon. They help in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, stimulates liver function, positively affect the operation of the pituitary gland. In addition, zircons contribute to achieving emotional balance, improve memory and mental abilities, and even give the person more confidence and optimism.

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