What is the Necronomicon?

16 Jun

The first mention of the Necronomicon “refer to the XIII century AD Originally the book was known as “Al Azif” (loosely translated “Howling Demon”). Its creator is a poet, Abdul Alhazred, who lived in one of the provinces of Yemen – Suanee (contemporaries considered him insane and obsessed). This man during his travels in search of ultimate truth has gone through the entire Middle East, and after many years studied many mysterious places, according to legend, inhabited by terrible demons and other evil spirits. Old age, the mad poet, moved to Damascus, where nearly 730-year written work throughout his life – “Al Azif”. Scientists of the late Middle Ages are inclined to believe that the book was made of leather, and written with the blood of virgins – but it most likely fudge church “tops.” Alhazred said that he saw in the desert city that was built prior to man race, and also discovered the great city of Colonia – Irem sam Imad al.
Arab legend says – Irem was built by a powerful genie in the other dimension, somewhere in the desert area Rub al-Khali. This city is considered the door to the Great Void (mention of which there are the priests of Kabbalah, the ancient Egyptians and Sumerians). Arab magicians believed that the mysterious city can be reached through a very deep meditation, and there is to know the emptiness, and thus gain power over the world of men and jinns (which are the beliefs of the ancient Arabs lived in peace to the people, and were then imprisoned in another dimension and put to sleep).
In the X century, Greek scholars translated the Al Azif “and gave her a new name Necronomicon (from the Greek. Necro – dead, nomos – the experience, the rules postulate). Around 1230 the book was written in the Latin version, and in the XVI century, the manuscript came to English, Dr. John Dee, who translated it into their native language.
According to historians of modern times, after translation of the book into English in the world remains a constant number of copies – 96 (no matter how trying to destroy their Christian and Islamic churches). But really powerful ones are just seven copies, and they just open the door to a new level of reality. Three in Arabic, one in ancient Greek, two in Latin and one in English – the most accurate and complete translation of the magical book, the rest are endowed with great knowledge, but there are some inaccuracies and errors. The most famous forgery of the same name is the creation of GF Lovecraft, having only a distant resemblance to the book “Al Azif”.
Actual content of the book remains a mystery. But nevertheless, we know that there are described many of the secrets of the Earth and outer space. It is surprising, but there is evidence that the Necronomicon was given many tenets of modern physics and mathematics, which became known only in the late 20 th century. The book identifies some deity previous race – they embody the principles of time, space and infinity, light and dark aspects of the world, the eternal chaos and the forces of nature. On Arab manuscripts states that there can find the secrets of the human mind and the ability to easily capture the influence on the human psyche.
By Necronomicon, our Earth has a mysterious force that are personified in the form of the Supreme Deity – Cthulhu (well known in the internet). Ibid said about the coming race “Ancients” and the fall of humanity, as will be awakened Cthulhu (some items Necronomicon resonate with the idea of ​​the Apocalypse by John). All of these powerful gods and various other evil worlds can be called up with the book. That is why many rulers and dictators such as Napoleon, Bismarck, Hitler sought to possess her. After World War II in the U.S. and the USSR were established ad hoc groups who were engaged in search for the undiscovered relics.

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