What is the imperial sizes?

19 Jun

imperialA significant impact on health, mood, self-awareness. The fact that we have influenced the magnetic storms and strong gusts of wind, movement of cyclones and anticyclones, the full moon and the stars – still all right. But the impact on our exhausted organisms everyday items urgently needs to do something …
Notorious piece of Feng Shui says that all things are in our view, have a negative or positive impacts. More precisely, not the objects themselves, and their sizes. The longer the contact with the object, the stronger the effect. If you eat every day at the table “wrong” size, there is nothing to complain of digestive problems.
Wise Chinese to the maximum to protect themselves from the negative, developed a special line, which can be used to identify friendly and unwanted items. On the line marked with eight segments (these segments are called “imperial sizes”), 4 of them are “good”, and 4 – are “bad.” Each segment affects the specific area of life, and consists of 4 equal parts.

The first imperial size – “Wealth” – is the interval from 0 to 5.4 cm.
It is divided into four equal parts.
Part 1 – from 0 to 1.35 inches. Bring luck in money.
Part 2 – from 1.35 to 2.7 centimeters. Bring “security, full of jewels.”
Part 3 – from 2.7 to 4.05 centimeters. Immediately brings the “six kinds of good luck.”
Part 4 – from 4.05 to 5.4 centimeters. Brings “abundant happiness.”
Second Imperial size – “Loss” – a segment from 5.4 to 10.8 centimeters.
It is divided into four equal parts.
Part 1 – from 5.4 to 6.75 inches. Brings financial loss.
Part 2 – from 6.75 to 8.1 centimeters. Brings trouble with the law and authorities.
Part 3 – from 8.1 to 9.45 inches. Threatens imprisonment.
Part 4 – from 9.45 to 10.8 centimeters. Points to the death of a spouse.
The third imperial size – “Failures” – is a segment from 10.8 to 16.2 inches.
It is divided into four equal parts.
Part 1 – 10.8 to 12.15 centimeters. Is the “seat of failure.”
Part 2 – from 12.15 to 13.5 centimeters. Brings a loss or withdrawal of money.
Part 3 – from 13.5 to 14.85 centimeters. Contributes to meeting with unscrupulous people who deceive you.
Part 4 – from 14.85 to 16.2 inches. Contributes to the fact that “all is lost or stolen.”
Fourth the size of the Imperial – “Generosity” – is a segment from 16.2 to 21.5 centimeters.
It is divided into four equal parts.
Part 1 – from 16.2 to 17.55 centimeters. Refers to good children.
Part 2 – from 17.55 to 18.9 inches. Brings additional income from unexpected sources.
Part 3 – from 18.9 to 20.25 centimeters. Means a very successful son.
Part 4 – from 20.25 to 21.5 centimeters. Brings a “very good luck.”
Fifth Imperial size – “Power and knowledge” – is the interval from 21.5 to 27 inches.
Part 1 – from 21.5 to 22.95 inches. Allows you to easily and successfully pass the exams.
Part 2 – from 22.95 to 24.3 centimeters. Bring luck in gambling, lotteries, and in mediating transactions.
Part 3 – from 24.3 to 25.65 inches. Bring “improved earnings.”
Part 4 – from 25.65 to 27 inches. Brings “prosperity, power, and high honors for the family.”
Sixth the size of the Imperial – “Hurt” – is a segment of 27 to 32.4 inches.
Part 1 – 27 to 28.35 inches. Brings death and separation.
Part 2 – from 28.35 to 29.7 inches. Their means of livelihood.
Part 3 – from 29.7 to 31.05 inches. Indicates that the person may be expelled in disgrace from the surrounding society.
Part 4 – from 31.05 to 32.4 centimeters. Brings a very heavy loss of money.
The Seventh Monarch size – “Disasters” – is a segment from 32.4 to 37.5 centimeters.
Part 1 – from 32.4 to 33.7 centimeters. Means “approaching disaster.”
Part 2 – from 33.7 to 34.9 inches. Brings death.
Part 3 – from 34.9 to 36.25 inches. Brings sickness and ill health.
Part 4 – from 36.25 to 37.5 centimeters. Brings the scandals and quarrels.
Eighth Imperial size – “Capital” – is a segment from 37.5 to 43.2 inches.
Part 1 – from 37.5 to 38.9 inches. Brings a large influx of money.
Part 2 – from 38.9 to 40.35 centimeters. Brings good luck on exams.
Part 3 – from 40.35 to 41.77 inches. Heralds “a lot of jewelry, precious stones and treasures.”
Part 4 – from 41.77 to 43.2 inches. Brings “abundant prosperity and happiness.”
This does not mean you have to run around the apartment with a ruler and measure everything and everyone … but if your life steadily and persistently invades the same “famously”, it makes sense to pay closer look at the items that you use every day. The negative impact of “bad” is neutralized by the size of various materials at hand – a mobile phone or wallet can be, for example, fasten your keychain. In general, armed with ancient Chinese knowledge about the size, you can get rid of the many annoying things, writing off to them all possible failures, and instead buy new …

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