What is telepathy?

A term used to describe the transfer of information, thoughts and feelings at a distance by thought
Telepathy – a term used to describe the transfer of information, thoughts and feelings at a distance by thought alone, without the mediation of the senses.
The term coined English philosopher, Professor Meyer (tele – far and “ratos” – a state of mind, feeling, emotion, passion). Preachers possibility of telepathy claim that telepathy is possible to transmit and experiences, images, ideas, feelings and, above all, the contents of the unconscious and the processes occurring in it.
It is very rare for telepathy involve the transfer of certain words and combinations thereof. Sine qua non of telepathy is the complete exclusion of the possibility of lighting, sound, tactile, or any other contact of the host (the percipient) and transmit (inductor).
Konstantin Tsiolkovsky wrote the author of the book “Biological radio” Bernard Bernardovichu Kazhinskomu: “The phenomena of telepathy can be no doubt. Not only accumulated a huge amount of relevant factual material, but almost every family man pozhivshy not refuse to report to them personally experienced telepathic phenomena. Respectable attempt to explain them from a scientific point of view. ”
Telepathic phenomena are extremely difficult to detect. At least, because that came from outside the thought or image, we can not distinguish from his own thoughts. The man takes another’s psychic, and it says I have a premonition. Life spies or security agents depends on their sense of danger. Any woman feeling the views of men, and instantly “computes” an opponent. And how bright mothers feel their children!
Why can not freely and easily read minds? Apparently, this is a deep biological sense – humanity would not survive as a species, if it had not learned to conceal his thoughts. And if we can pass them, if we want? Of course! For what is it? From the perspective of any aliens who have no ears, or hearing which is designed for a different frequency range, we communicate very odd way, so even at a distance, and even sometimes out of sight.
From this, however, that telepathy is impossible in principle. From the standpoint of modern science, telepathy is not contrary to fundamental laws.
But to some extent, telepathy is inherent in people. Too much circumstantial evidence has accumulated. As you know, there’s no smoke without fire. These abilities are expressed in the form of sensations, visual images, sounds, impulses, emotional, motives to the different movements and actions. Parapsychologists called manifestations biotelesvyazi telepathy biotelelokatsii – telesteziey. Often, these reflect both the ability of a more general concept, referring to extrasensory perception (ESP) or extrasensory pertsepientsiey (ESP). Once again the nature of extrasensory pertsipientsii – this perception is shaped by implicitly expressed, nesemantizirovannoy (not represented in the form of any language) information without using any of the senses.
So far the researchers have no common understanding of extrasensory perception. For some – it is the perception by any unknown senses, others believe that telepathy occurs without the participation of the senses – directly neural structures of the cerebral cortex or subcortex.
The analogy between the perception of man and the advent of three-dimensional image of the holographic object when illuminated by a laser beam shot. If you look at the photographic plate with holographic images in normal lighting conditions, we did not see, but blurry rainbow of stains. But if you cover the same plate monochromatic coherent (phase-coherent) laser light from a random interference pattern image, there is a image of a specific subject.

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