What is Numerology, or What do the numbers?

18 Jun

Numbers all around us everywhere, from the dates of birth and ending numbers of cars and signs on the shirt. But not everyone thinks that number may be not merely a quantitative value, and carry a something big and important. This is a special value deals with science, called numerology, which began its existence as far back as ancient Egypt. There are many systems of numerology and many of the characteristics given by the individual numbers.
It will be given the most ancient system, based on nine major numbers – from 1 to 9 inclusive. All numbers greater than 9 can be reduced to one of the main components by adding the digits. For example the number 34 will actually be a seven, you only add three and four, also with three-digit and four-digit numbers to add up to long until you get a figure appearing in the interval from 1 to 9. True, considering the inscriptions on T-shirts, the value can be given for each digit separately, and then put into words the digital mix. But before you do calculations, it is necessary to know the significance of the basic numbers:
1. Unit – this is the beginning of all things, the highest point, the center of the universe. This masculine. Characteristics of this number – perseverance and dedication.
2. Two said the two sides, so it may have value for diversity, equality and fairness. Two – the calm and serenity.
3. Troika – the symbol of completeness and implementation. This is a perfect number, usually a number of the foundations of peace: the three dimensions of space – height, length and width, the three stages of time – past, present and future, the three states of matter – solid, liquid, gaseous, three kingdoms – animal, vegetable, mineral. Troika – the male symbol, the main value – the power of spirit and freedom.
4. Quartet – a symbol of truth, and the ancient Greeks called it the root of all things, since there are only four basic elements: fire, air, land and water. The main value of the four – is stability.
5. Five – a symbol of health, fertility and reproduction. Remember the movie “Three plus two” group of five – is the sum of male and female numbers. Five has impulsiveness, a tendency for adventure … as well as it could mean the five senses … and in the end it is love.
6. Six is considered a sacred number. The main value of it – the perfection and harmony. Six can be considered the number-ideal. But people associated with it can be considered noble and pure in its quest.
7. Seven – the favorite number pifagoriytsev. They believed that it was quite confident, because anything is not divided, but myself and unity. The main value of this number – it is the wisdom and insight, and this number is the glory of the happy.
8. Eight symbolizes balance. The main feature of those who are under its influence – practicality.
9. Nine. Ancients called her the perfection and harmony, unbounded and unlimited. Unboundedness of it is in the mathematical features of a number. For example, if 9 is multiplied by itself or to another number, the amount of numbers will always be equal to nine. If you add up all the main number to nine, inclusive, you get 45, and 4 +5 = 9.
Consent, it was called because connects all the major numbers, and perfection, because, from conception to birth is nine months.

Now, buying another thing associated with the numbers, you should think about its meaning. And every number under the influence of a people, but has some additional features. According to the number of birth or the number of letters in the name of one can sometimes judge the traits inherent in man. Here is a brief list of what numbers have.
1 Independence, confidence, perseverance, and commitment.
Intolerance, arrogance, narrowness, strife, stubbornness.
2 Calmness, justice, altruism, harmony and sociability.
Indecisiveness, indifference, and unwillingness to take responsibility, weakness of character.
3 Freedom, courage, risk, fun, splendor and magnificence.
Indifference, arrogance, impatience, little stamina.
4 Strength, loyalty, calmness, honesty, the will to power, Practicality.
Clumsiness, voiceless, conservatism, an inability to adapt.
5 Entrepreneurial spirit, vitality, courage, health, susceptibility, sympathy.
Haste, irresponsibility, instability, insecurity, desperation.
6 Idealism, unselfishness, honesty, goodness, faithfulness, responsibility.
Sense of superiority, softness, impracticality, subordination.
7 Wisdom, discernment, fortitude, thoughtfulness, contemplation.
Soreness, excessive criticism, omissions, unsociable.
8 Practicality, power, business acumen, commitment, control, constancy.
Lack of imagination, arrogance, arrogance.
9 Intelligence, understanding, insight, wisdom, skill, a heightened sense of moral responsibility, genius.
Daydreaming, stagnation, lack of concentration, lack of clear purpose.

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