Vampires: true story or a fairy tale?

24 Jun

Whether true story, and whether a fairy tale, maybe brothers among us? “So begins a well-known contemporary song. It reminded me of the situation with the vampires.
Until now, many argue: they exist or not. If so, what do they drink blood, and what is actually afraid of? There are many questions but no answers. More precisely, they are, and they are many, but the reliability of the information in question.
Let’s make a digression into history.
No one can say exactly when the first mention of these creatures, sucking blood and rising from their graves. But you can judge it according to legend. There is a very old story, “whether true story, and whether a fairy tale,” everyone will have to decide yourself.
This story goes back to the days when Jesus and his disciples have walked the earth, or rather, just before his crucifixion. As we know, one of Jesus’ disciples (Judas Iscariot) had betrayed his master for thirty pieces of silver. But the traitor could not continue to exist. Whether it really repented, then there were some other reasons, but he is known to have committed the most grievous sin – suicide. As the ancient legend, this all was not over. Judas did not receive forgiveness of God, and punishment was very harsh. His soul can not rest in the afterlife, or rather, according to the rules he had to go straight to hell, but what awaited him was terrifying underworld.
It turned into a walking dead man, the rising from the grave and bloodthirsty, he was condemned to eternal suffering, pain and thirst. He became a vampire. A weapon against him began to sunlight (Judas hanged himself at sunrise), the cry of a rooster (just in time for suicide cried cock), the silver bullet (a traitor at the time of death fell from the hands of a bag of silver coins, and they were scattered on the ground) and aspen stake (as we know, he just hung up on aspen). Since then, and have appeared in our land bloodsuckers.
This is just one of the oldest versions of the reasons for their appearance on earth. Time passed, the legend of the vampire overgrown with new details, there was a story that they are afraid of garlic, they lived in old abandoned castles, and they are wolves and bats, which, under certain circumstances may transform themselves “masters”.
Thanks to Hollywood movies, the popularity of vampires and their interest in personas has increased significantly. There are people who are seriously engaged in studying and searching for these creatures. A castle of Count Dracula in Transylvania after the book adaptation of Bram Stoker was a huge success among tourists from all over the world. Although, who knows, people living in villages nearby. talking about a strange noise, which is reached from the castle at night, and the actors, are held in the castle of view for tourists, they say that the approach of night, they are not seen in the castle of ghosts.
People are always attracted by all the mysterious and interesting. Who knows, maybe someday we’ll know much more. Maybe someone knows a lot and now, just the information is not for everyone. As they say, wait and see.

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