Unique Furniture in the ancient world

12 Jun

ancientThe stable influence of architecture of ancient Greece, a unique style which later was seen even in ancient times ancient Rome, is its unquestionable quality.
Simple, swift to the functionality, harmony and proportion of parts and shapes, seemingly the most simple, flexibility, remarkable relationship between sculpture, architecture and even the art of furniture making.
Today, we are always looking for quality and affordable furniture for the home, and office furniture creates a unique style to our office ..
Furniture manufacturing talented craftsmen of Egypt preserved to our time through customs to leave the places of burial are different things that were intended to live peacefully and in no way lacking in the other realm. When opened in 1923, the tomb of Tutankhamen was found a large number of well-preserved furniture products and works of applied art.

Masters of the Ancient Egypt belongs to the palm of the invention directly to the furniture. Back in the olden days there was a custom of sitting simply on the ground. Then he invented and produced The low benches and chairs, and then there was the well-off Egyptian ceremonial furniture. Shape of chairs with backs became the basis for all of the following forms of chairs.
Furniture creative art in Egypt, already in ancient times had a great influence on the culture of ancient
people in general. Egyptian ornaments often found in the production of an ancient Roman furniture. After. Napoleon took a trip to Egypt (1878), Egyptian art once again attracted much attention and found the brightest
expression in the architectural style of the furniture and stylish “empire” that has developed in France after 1878
Egyptian creative art in the field of furniture construction was the ancestor of all modern furniture.

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