The Chinese are scared of the sea monster

seaAn unknown animal weighing 4.5 tons and a length of 16.5 meters was discovered by Chinese fishermen in one of the beaches in the province of Guangdong. Experts find it difficult to identify the type of monster.
Problems with the identification of animal species due to the fact that the body of a giant sea is strong enough disfigured. According to local authorities, the animal carcass was found wrapped up in fishing nets. Officials believe that the fishermen have caught it by accident and then thrown on the beach, unable to drag home.
According to a local fisherman Wang, for his 66 years he had never seen anything like it. Look at the animal ran up people from all around. Experts, meanwhile, are not inclined to share the enthusiasm of Chinese fishermen.

Marine Mammal Specialist University of Oregon, Scott Baker, after consulting with colleagues from other research organizations has concluded that, based on the shape the mouth being a regular whale.
“Judging by the photos provided to us and information about the size and weight of the animal, we tend to believe that we are dealing with the fin whale, species of cetacean family polosatikovyh (a close relative of the blue whale). However, looking at the photo, do not say that the length of the animal actually 16.5 meters. Perhaps it is representative of another species polosatikovyh “- said the biologist.

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