Summer is getting hotter and hotter every year

12 Jun

The average summer temperature in the coming decades will steadily rise because of global warming. This is stated in the report researchers at Stanford University. Climate change in the next 60 years will affect mid-latitudes – Europe, China and North America. But in tropical Africa, Asia and South America, the summer temperatures start to go off-scale in 20 years.
Such findings climatologists have made after analysis of more than 50 climate models, including a computer, as well as the study of archival data from meteorological stations around the world. The results showed that the tropical heat so quickly that within the next 30 years, two thirds of the summer seasons on the planet will be extremely hot.”According to our forecasts, with large areas of the globe will be heated so rapidly that by mid-century, even the coldest summer will be hotter than the warmest summer of the previous 50 years” – said the lead researcher Noah Diffenbau of the Institute for the Environment at Stanford University.

A marked increase in seasonal temperatures will seriously affect human health and agriculture. As an example, researchers lead the heat of 2003 in Europe that killed 40,000 people. In addition, increasing summer temperatures in temperate latitudes may be more than a third to reduce the harvest of corn and soybeans.
It is worth noting that recently the International Energy Agency reported that the increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air, causing global warming, greatly accelerated. Deterioration of the so-called “Greenhouse gases” has led to what has gone year was recognized experts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration hottest in the history of meteorological observations.

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