What promise dreams?

Dreams-Someone takes all such information with bayonets, nonsense, they say, on vegetable oil. Someone listens. There are also those who see everything at face value. What is it really? But who knows. But almost any man, no, no, yes and pulls remember their nocturnal adventures, think about what this all meant and whether or not… Read more What promise dreams?

How to attract money?

Everybody no matter how lucrative it may be involved, whatever savings or owned, wants to have as much money. Of course, that in order to achieve financial well-being should be a lot of effort. However, there are simple tricks that can help solve financial problems. How to attract money? The age-old wisdom and new-fangled developments… Read more How to attract money?

How many dimensions in the universe?

Our country recently many bright minds to look for philosophical and psychological system, which explains the main types of interaction and relationship feelings, feelings, emotions, thoughts and aspirations of man. But create nothing. Such a system already exists and is called “universal ensemble of worlds” – AUM. AUM meets accepted analogues of beauty and harmony,… Read more How many dimensions in the universe?

What is your power?

The phrase was “Tell me your birth date, and I’ll tell you who you are.” After a brief hesitation, I have a date. He took a piece of paper and started drawing figures, crossing out their new and driving. Soon, he said nothing to me means “You’re a white mage,” and walked away. After a… Read more What is your power?