Is there a sex of the angels?

It is not just once or twice occurred to those who first encounters with the divine theme in his life. “And if not, why not all angels are male names?”. Question worthy to cut down on a good two minutes, even connoisseurs of orthodoxy.
The essence of the angelic nature has long troubled the minds of believers. Fathers of the Seventh Ecumenical Council, reporting the perfect immateriality and invisibility of God, spoke about the angels, as beings “are not entirely recovered from the body and certainly not invisible” beings who have “thin, fiery vozduhoobraznymi or bodies in which they were repeatedly and were are visible. ”
Who are the Angels? Translated from the Greek word “angel” means “messenger”, as they are called messengers because God sends them to proclaim His will. In the biblical book of Job says: “When things were made created the stars, voshvalisha Me, all ye angels voice veliim My” (Job 38.7). This tells us that angels were created before all creatures visible. The number of angels is known only to God, but His word is clear that a lot of them. In Scripture the angels called by various names: the angels of God, the saints living in the heavens, the host of heaven, the spirits.
In the same scripture Angels often take an image of people (mostly men and boys), but they are as ethereal beings, and, therefore, asexual, not attributed to human traits. They are superhuman, purely spiritual nature, confirms the very image of the phenomena in our world – an unexpected and wonderful. Scripture points to the two principles in man – the soul and spirit, but in the Angels never speaks of the latter, implying clearly that they are pure spirits. Job says that they do not have, like us, bodies composed of earth elements. According to other texts they are invisible, and the food offered by people who only take to mean, being incorporeal, they do not come together in any carnal relations (Mt. 22, 30). Known as the biblical scene of the second chapter of Genesis the sons of God came into contact with the earth women, usually referred not to the Angels, and the descendants of righteous Seth, which in turn suggests a disembodied, and, respectively, and the sexless nature of angels .
Where did “male” component in the angelic image, it is well known, for example, that one of the first iconographic images of Guardian Angel, which has spread from the XVI-XVII centuries in Russia, usually gives us a young man, dressed in a white robe? The answer is probably lies in human nature that accepted Christianity in the era of patriarchy, when all the world was tied to the dominant role of men. A man is easier and more habitual to speak of God’s messengers, as a major, more responsible, what are at a moment in history to be male. Who in the Old Testament patriarch will be more attention? .. Who in New Testament times deter thieves from the monastery of evil? .. Of course, the valiant man, shining glory of God.
As for the “male” names, there is enough to mention only two facts in order to dispel the myth of the masculine nature of angels:
1. Long and successful functioning in our society, unisex names: Alexander / Alexander, Valentin / Valentine, etc.
2. It is known that in the monasteries in the monastic vows, when a person takes the angelic rank, women are sometimes given male names.

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