Earth and cosmogony mystery bald mountain

10 Jun

mountainBald Mountain – one of the most “dark” mystical villages in the Ukrainian capital. And it was not for the reason that this is the place of professional gatherings of witches, wizards and other evil spirits.
Since ancient time Bald Mountain has become famous as a geopathic zone. Here Mystique translates into a real nightmare.
Bald Mountain for a long time is not built up. When suddenly, in 1873 there was erected Lysogirs’kyi fort. He becomes the latest according to the chronology of architectural building complex Kyiv fortress.
In the fort on Bald Mountain was planned to place a heavy artillery equipment. But by the early 20 th century building of the fort had not fulfilled its own defense function.
And suddenly, for some strange mystical coincidence, since 1906 the fort was used as a fortress to death by hanging especially heinous criminals. Death brought the dead of night to convict coaches from various prisons of Kiev and nearby provinces.

According to the archives of the museum “Oblique caponier” the fort on Bald Mountain was transported about 220 people, and these were mostly political prisoners.
It was in this evil place, was executed Dmitry Bogrov – murderer of the famous Stolypin. Criminals. sentenced to death met the executioner and the priest henchman. But in spite of the fact. that the bombers confessed before his execution, they are still deprived of rights to be buried in Christian graveyards.
Executioner hastily attached the body of executed criminals just a few meters from the gallows.
Scientists, geophysicists, specializing in dowsing party that the Ministry of Geology, ascertain the fact that this place is the most powerful geopathic zone of Kiev.
It stretches from Bald Mountain, grabbing the edge of the Central bot garden, the mountains, where is a museum of Great Patriotic War and the narrow strip goes on the Left Bank. Perhaps for these reasons, the monks in any time does not not inhabited these lands?
In an interview with the team leader said that after the closure and eviction of the military unit that was stationed on Bald Mountain, one of the representatives of the Central Committee of Communist Party privately asked him to conduct a tour of Bald Mountain.
An interesting point is that the soldiers and officers. that served in this part of some strange and even horrible things. Especially disgusting they felt in the midnight and midday hours, and specially collected by the Commission it was decided to deploy out of the military.
And here are a few people went up to Bald Mountain – says one of the escorting scientists .. In each hand, I firmly held the dowsing frame. Suddenly, I feel that the fingers brings a terrible painful cramps, my whole body began to tremble. as in a fever, and I could not let go. Only after 15 minutes I was able to recover.
There are both scientific and mystical theories why Bald Mountain is a place accursed.
In ancient times, when in full swing was the Mongol-Tatar invasion, was Golosiivskyi and Kitaevskaya desert.
After the collapse of the Soviet Union, monasteries began to actively renew their livelihoods. Near the monastery is Zverinitskie and Kitaevskaya cave. According to the hypothesis, most of the people of Kiev took refuge there from a ruthless enemy.
Batu Khan, in order not to leave behind enemy lines, was ordered to wall up the caves. A huge number of unhappy people were killed, and that their dreadful martyrdom and soul, which is still not reassured, seriously affect the negative kosmoenergetiki Bald Mountain and its surroundings.

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