CIA declassified a top-secret photo “Area 51”

11 Jun

National Geographic Magazine published photos of a top-secret “Area 51” in the U.S., which glorified the American folklore and cinema as a military training ground to test the extraterrestrial technologies.
Mysterious region on the bottom of dried-up salt lake in southern Nevada, 90 miles north of Las Vegas, “Area 51” is one of the most highly classified by the United States and officially simply does not exist.
On the published images show titan spy plane A-12, which was developed in “Area 51”. In addition, the first publicly shown footage from a place of his mysterious collapse. CIA in 2007 alone, thousands of declassified documents on the program Oxcart – about the tests, and flight speed reconnaissance aircraft A-12, which took place in 1960.

One of the photos airplane hanging upside down in preparation for the testing radar.
Airplane Invisible developed during the Cold War, the government sought a place where we could keep secret development secret from prying eyes, and chose to do “Area 51”.
Airman experienced hypnosis and “truth serum”
In 1963 there was a plane crash, and the A-12 crashed in the desert of Utah. All the wreckage was removed immediately, and information about this secret for more than half a century. One of the photographs taken at the crash site, shows wreckage of the plane: two engines and crashed aft fuselage.
Piloted aircraft, Ken Collins, who in “Area 51” appeared under the name Ken lifter. At the time of the crash, he tested the subsonic engines at low altitude. Later, he told National Geographic Channel, that the aircraft lifted his nose, he began to climb up, rolled over and began to rotate. According to the pilot of such a situation impossible to deduce the plane, especially since he’s already hung virtually upside down, so he decided to eject.
U.S. authorities urged then asked Collins to be tested hypnosis and “truth serum” to make sure that he told all the details of that tragic flight and did not distort.
Another shot taken from the air, shows a large group of military at the crash site of the A-12. When Collins landed safely, he saw three civilians. They offered him a ride to the wreckage of his plane. At this pilot gave them prefabricated story about that on board the plane were nuclear weapons, so asked them to take him to the opposite side of where the crash.
Shortly thereafter, government agents arrived at the scene and cleaned it, so no one knew details of the incident. Debris covered with a tarpaulin, and the next morning after the crash team of agents have already loaded them into trucks, which were to bring them back to the “Area 51”. Over the next 50 years no one but these people had no access to the wreckage and did not know about the crash.
Americans smuggled titanium for its aircraft from the USSR
A-12 was virtually unavailable for radar. He flew at speeds of more than 3,500 km / h, that is U.S. territory, he could cross for 70 minutes. In this case, cameras mounted on the aircraft could photograph objects length of about 30 cm from a height of 27,400 meters.
It is noteworthy that the plane was decorated with titanium, which secretly shipped from the USSR. How Americans managed to import raw materials from the Soviet Union for its secret development, and remains a mystery.
Meanwhile, the search of the wreckage is still going on. In particular, the historian Peter Merlin says that in the desert in Utah can still be something to find. Recent studies have shown that there really were pieces of the aircraft. These pictures do not prove the existence of extraterrestrial life, but they confirm that the Government was not fully control occurring at the base mystery.
Now experts from the “Area 51” is likely to work on a new generation of stealth aircraft. However, more or less detailed information about them will only decades later. In the meantime, the CIA is not even ready to officially confirm the existence of a base “Area 51”.
Mystery of “Area 51”
“Area 51” has become a symbol for Americans, “government conspiracy” aimed at having to hide from the public information about the existence of aliens and their use of technology for military purposes. “Classified” on everything that relates to this place, put the former U.S. president Bill Clinton in 1995.
Strict secrecy was a response to claims of families of five victims after the visit to the “Zone” of the workers. One of the workers later died. His widow and family of victims have tried to get information about the environmental activities of the military in the area, which could harm zdorvyu workers. Those experienced the impact of unidentified “harmful toxic materials” during a stay based on Groom Lake, and later died.
No details about this incident is not – since every year the president of the United States extends the prohibition on disclosure of any information about what’s happening in the area over which for many years no-fly aircraft.
Its decree, dated September 2003, former U.S. President George W. Bush has kept the neck “top secret” on all documents related to military base Groom Lake, which explores the mysterious zone. Joji Bush ruled out “the Zone” is also from the jurisdiction of environmental laws, both federal and Nevada – in case there’s something show up.
Such secrecy fuels speculation that in this area sit down UFOs, the military met with the aliens and regularly observe other abnormal phenomena. Residents closest to the base of Rachel said that rumors about UFOs for many years. For the first time food for such speculations gave an employee of one of the construction firms, who claimed that not once watched “foreign ships in the area.
The government has given up the slack until 1996. 98-mile segment of Highway 375, passing through the town of Rachel, was named “Alien Highway”, and along the route were put greenbacks signs with images of alien ships

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