A country of ghosts?

29 Jun

Ghost – a ghost of the deceased or imaginary creatures in fairy tales or mystical ideas. Not very sensible, it is worth noting the definition, because it is not clear if that means a ghost. Leafs dictionary for a couple of pages ahead to find out that it therefore seems to mind. Combine the interpretation, but, unfortunately, does not become clearer, and it is not surprising: the knowledge of mankind about the paranormal is very, very limited.
And where there are no clear concepts and scientific explanations, there is a place of fantasy, and in this article I will talk about how it is rich in Britain. The choice of Albion is not accidental: it is called the island of Great Britain spirits.
Residents of the United Kingdom willing to believe in the existence of ghosts, and rightly so: the territory of the huge number of ancient castles, the silent wall that remembers the events of the past – multi-day siege and bloody battles, court intrigue, and treacherous betrayal. Of course, the energy in places excellent, though not always positive, that does not interfere with the enterprising British open in castles with ghosts, five star hotels.
Of all the British people the greatest attraction to the paranormal have representatives of the Scottish nation. In a country where the plaid skirt on a man does not cause an unhealthy interest in others, there are plenty of excursions to castles with otherworldly forces. For example, the famous castle Urhart ghost, which they call Water Kelly. It is no accident of the 3000 Scottish castles I chose this: because it is located on the shores of Loch Ness.
And when talking about the paranormal and the UK, not to mention about the Loch Ness monster, which, incidentally, is the most popular representative of Scotland as a result of a sociological survey, conducted among 2,000 people. Monster alien to Robert Burns and Sean Connery, who took second and third places, respectively. So popular Loch Ness and its mythical inhabitant of that on the banks of a web camera: people from around the world on a daily basis in hopes of looking at the screen – if you see Nessie?
In the capital of Scotland – Edinburgh – each year in mid-May, a festival of ghosts, Mary King’s Close, which is named after an underground circuit of the streets, where, among the dark ruins of houses and chilling sounds of the festival participants are invited to walk. Hidden underground for about 200 years ago, street, certainly not the only haunted attraction: For 10 days the public can learn about the paranormal, having participated in the experiments are carried out in places most crowded ghosts. And also to meet with the spirits, listen to stories about the terrible events of the past and to communicate with mediums. The most audacious offer for the whole night to descend into the unknown dungeon.
British Bishem Abbey, located in the county of Buckinghamshire, and his glorious festival of ghosts. The Internet is very popular information about what the abbey, belonging to the royal dynasties of the past, mentioned in the Doomsday Book, and this, incidentally, is true. This book really exists, but “the devil is not so bad as he is painted»: Domesday Book, book, or the Day of Judgement, this is only the cadastral book – Land inventory of England, produced by William the Conqueror in 1085. And it has nothing to do with otherworldly powers and the end of the world.
The festival is held annually in Bisheme in May and lasts only a few hours, from seven pm to midnight. Feature event – the hunt for ghosts in the most mysterious corners of the Abbey. Also, anyone can buy different items of the anomalous nature of the special trade fair. Abbey most popular place – it’s well, which leads to a secret passageway, where people see strange flickering lights. The most famous ghost Abbey – Lady Hobbies, mourning his son for several centuries.
But ghosts can be seen not only at festivals and old castles. On the eve of Halloween a British company that manufactures road-building materials, conducted a poll among the drivers, the results of which revealed that 45% of the surveyed motorists have seen ghosts, when they were driving. Based on a survey compiled a list of the most “human” ghost roads.
In the first place was the longest motorway M6, linking the central and north-west of England, where you can meet the Roman legions, to move strictly columns, the ghost of the dead women, as well as truck phantom, which is carried by the roadway, then soars over the road. In second place Scottish A9 road, where there are Victorian rider and a horse-drawn carriage, accompanied by servants.
On roads with a bad reputation, incidentally, set a unique sign “Beware of Ghosts”, urging drivers to be careful. It should be noted that such signs are found in England, not only on motorways: they can be seen in one of the many parks in London, where are the ghosts of children, or a castle in Cornwall Tingagel where wandering ghost of a woman.
Again, on the eve of Halloween, the National Heritage Foundation has published a list of 10 UK sites with the most interesting ghost country. This was reported by British newspaper “Daily Telegraph” . Curious are invited to consult the original or the translation of the article. I will just say that in the first place is situated castle Blickling Hall, located in Norfolk: here you can see the ghost of Anne Boleyn, who, as they say, the anniversary of Anna’s death appears without a head.

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