Is there a sex of the angels?

It is not just once or twice occurred to those who first encounters with the divine theme in his life. “And if not, why not all angels are male names?”. Question worthy to cut down on a good two minutes, even connoisseurs of orthodoxy.
The essence of the angelic nature has long troubled the minds of believers. Fathers of the Seventh Ecumenical Council, reporting the perfect immateriality and invisibility of God, spoke about the angels, as beings “are not entirely recovered from the body and certainly not invisible” beings who have “thin, fiery vozduhoobraznymi or bodies in which they were repeatedly and were are visible. ”
Who are the Angels? Translated from the Greek word “angel” means “messenger”, as they are called messengers because God sends them to proclaim His will. In the biblical book of Job says: “When things were made created the stars, voshvalisha Me, all ye angels voice veliim My” (Job 38.7). Continue reading “Is there a sex of the angels?”

Are value time and date of birth?

dayOn the character and temperament of the child affects a lot, including to what day of the week the child was born.
It would seem, what difference can there be between people born on Monday morning and Friday night …
Many expectant mothers have during pregnancy itself are thinking about what their kids grow up. Some even build some plans for the future and are proud to tell her friends about how to be led by his son to football, and his daughter to a dance. But often it turns out that growing up, the child shows more interest entirely to other pursuits. Why is it coming out? Continue reading “Are value time and date of birth?”

A country of ghosts?

Ghost – a ghost of the deceased or imaginary creatures in fairy tales or mystical ideas. Not very sensible, it is worth noting the definition, because it is not clear if that means a ghost. Leafs dictionary for a couple of pages ahead to find out that it therefore seems to mind. Combine the interpretation, but, unfortunately, does not become clearer, and it is not surprising: the knowledge of mankind about the paranormal is very, very limited.
And where there are no clear concepts and scientific explanations, there is a place of fantasy, and in this article I will talk about how it is rich in Britain. The choice of Albion is not accidental: it is called the island of Great Britain spirits. Continue reading “A country of ghosts?”

What magical properties have trees?

treeWood has always fascinated people with its grandeur, incomprehensible, mysterious. Weather conditions around the forest even greater aura of mystery: remember grove shrouded in fog, leaves, glittering in the sun after the rain … And what do you feel when the sky unexpectedly delayed by clouds and everything sank into silence and darkness? Perhaps under the influence of such impressions people legends and supernatural
Ash is a tree, helping people find purpose in life. In Slavic mythology ash tree was revered as the resurrection as a conduit between people and the world of the gods. To this day, wood ash is used for divination: runes are made out of it, charms. In Scandinavia, the arms of this tree is endowed with magical powers, who awards the owner the right leadership. And according to the ideas of Europeans, particularly the magical ability to ward off evil spirits and beneficial effects on a person has a smoke from a fire of ash wood. Continue reading “What magical properties have trees?”

The Chinese are scared of the sea monster

seaAn unknown animal weighing 4.5 tons and a length of 16.5 meters was discovered by Chinese fishermen in one of the beaches in the province of Guangdong. Experts find it difficult to identify the type of monster.
Problems with the identification of animal species due to the fact that the body of a giant sea is strong enough disfigured. According to local authorities, the animal carcass was found wrapped up in fishing nets. Officials believe that the fishermen have caught it by accident and then thrown on the beach, unable to drag home. Continue reading “The Chinese are scared of the sea monster”

Which stones are useful to wear Aries?

The Stone like Diamond provides support to the owner only if it is acquired and used ingeniously.
People born under the sign of the Zodiac “Aries” (21.03 – 20.04), differ sincerity, frankness, courage, honesty, optimism and trust. Of the negative qualities can be called selfish and short temper. Today we tell about the stones, the patron of Aries.
The hardest mineral in the world has always been the personification of the ideal of power and perfection. Since ancient times people believed that the man who wears jewelry with a diamond cut diamond, has indestructible force and protected from the magic spell. Interestingly the current view that the diamond is supporting its owner only if it is acquired and used ingeniously. Modern litoterapevty believe that diamond has a positive effect on the functioning of the heart and brain, relieves fatigue, tones metabolism. Ring or diamond earrings are saving people from nightmares and depression. And they say that water, which at night were diamond jewelry is very helpful for overall health. Continue reading “Which stones are useful to wear Aries?”

What is telepathy?

A term used to describe the transfer of information, thoughts and feelings at a distance by thought
Telepathy – a term used to describe the transfer of information, thoughts and feelings at a distance by thought alone, without the mediation of the senses.
The term coined English philosopher, Professor Meyer (tele – far and “ratos” – a state of mind, feeling, emotion, passion). Preachers possibility of telepathy claim that telepathy is possible to transmit and experiences, images, ideas, feelings and, above all, the contents of the unconscious and the processes occurring in it. Continue reading “What is telepathy?”

How to make a wish, make it come true?

wishNew Year’s, the Yule, the birthday, or just dreaming, we thinks of himself all sorts of desires. Large and small. Realistic, not really, “is not very very …”
And, of course, we all want to see those desires fulfilled. Even the most unrealistic … It turns out that it is possible. In principle …
Well, the easiest way to make a wish for the New Year under a chiming clock. True, many of these moments do not make a, and drank a lot at this point are pretty. That’s true really weird when you look at a sober head, desire.
So, wants to exist to be true. We only need to correctly guessing.
First – the general rule. Continue reading “How to make a wish, make it come true?”

Vampires: true story or a fairy tale?

Whether true story, and whether a fairy tale, maybe brothers among us? “So begins a well-known contemporary song. It reminded me of the situation with the vampires.
Until now, many argue: they exist or not. If so, what do they drink blood, and what is actually afraid of? There are many questions but no answers. More precisely, they are, and they are many, but the reliability of the information in question.
Let’s make a digression into history.
No one can say exactly when the first mention of these creatures, sucking blood and rising from their graves. But you can judge it according to legend. There is a very old story, “whether true story, and whether a fairy tale,” everyone will have to decide yourself. Continue reading “Vampires: true story or a fairy tale?”

Which stones are advised to wear Pisces?

Yellow Opal
Man and women born under the sign of Pisces, are endowed with insight, ability to sacrifice, they are inquisitive, emotional, dreamy, talented, loyal and always ready to help. To succeed, they lack self-confidence and practical skills. If you believe in magic and healing power of minerals, they can be used to develop your best qualities of the soul and eradicate the evils. Today we look at the stones, the recommended Pisces.
According to the ideas litho therapy, this mineral is a symbol of family happiness. With regular use of aragonite restored sanity disappear experiences. In ancient times believed that with the help of aragonite can easily communicate with the other world. Incidentally, in the therapeutic mud from the Dead Sea contains a lot of aragonite, so they are useful in skin diseases. Continue reading “Which stones are advised to wear Pisces?”