Wonderful and safe places in Florida.

FloridaSafe places to live in Florida, as you know, quite a lot and they attract many tourists from all over America and beyond. This area, although it is quite popular among tourists, but do not discount the danger zones and do not forget about them, such as Orlando and other major cities have high crime rates.
Cities such as Orlando, of course, most Americans do not choose to live. However, there are several small towns in Florida, which provide favorable conditions for human life and activity. Here are some of them.
What are the safest places to live in Florida?
List of cities that are considered safe in Florida can be found in the following paragraphs. Most of them – small towns and thus are able to provide a safe environment to live, work and raise children.
Coral Springs, and several other cities included in the top 10 safest places to live in Florida. Here you can relax, visit the beaches and cinemas, dance at night discos and calmly sipping alcoholic cocktails , fall in love, work and just live …

Coral Springs
This city is considered the safest in the state. The crime rate in Coral Springs is the lowest among all other cities in Florida. Coral Springs has witnessed a rapid development in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. WCI Communities, American Home Construction company has created a master plan for a modern city.
Coral Springs is located in Broward County this state, the United States. Approximate location of this town located 20 km north-west to a place called Fort Lauder dale. The total area of ​​Coral Springs 23.93 square miles. In the city of Parkland lies just north of Coral Springs, a subtropical wetland Everglades is to the west. To the east of Coral Springs is the Coconut Creek and Tamarac lies to the south. The city is great to live in the family, low crime rate, good atmosphere to raise children and the general livability of Coral Springs makes one of the safest places to live in Florida.
Port St. Lucie
The city is located in St. Lucie County, Florida. The population of Port St. Lucie was 155,251 in 2009, which increases several-fold from 88,769 in 2000. This means that many people moved to this city in recent decades. Along with English, Spanish and Italian are the other languages ​​in this city. Fort Pierce lies north of the city, while St. Lucie Fork River to the south. Core Communities (CC) held a planning Port St. Lucie in the 90’s. Today it is among the fastest growing cities in the U.S.. Business is booming in this small town, it’s also a great place to live with his family, and this makes it one of the safer places to live in Florida for children. The development of the River walk in Port St. Lucie should provide impetus to the various cultural and commercial activities. Sporting and entertainment events held in this city on a regular basis, therefore, the best city to live in Florida, along with Coral Springs.
Winter Springs
Money Magazine rated Winter Springs, as the second best city to live in Florida in 2007, is part of the Orlando-Sanford-Kissimmee Metropolitan Statistical Area. The population of Winter Springs according to the Census Bureau estimates in 2009 was 32,727. The total area of ​​Winter Springs is 14.4 square miles. This place is considered safer than about 52% of the cities of the total number of cities in the U.S.. Winter Springs Police Department every effort to ensure law and maintain peace in this city. Winter Springs High School Winter Springs Elementary and Indian Trails middle schools are important to public schools in the city.
Cape Coral
This is a city located in Lee County in Florida. Cape Coral is a Cape Coral-Fort Myers Florida Metropolitan Statistical Area. The total area of ​​this city is 120 sq km and a population as at 2010 154305. Development of Cape Coral has started right from 1957 and it was initiated by Leonard and Jack Rosen, who purchased 103 square miles area, formerly known as Redfish Point. Building boom 1990’s led to the development of this city to a large extent.
Cities that surround Orlando are considered unsafe. The crime rate is very high in the city of Orlando. This is because cities like Orlando and others that Florida is one of the unsafe condition in the U.S.. Cities described in this article, however, those that provide a safe atmosphere for its residents. These cities are therefore among the safest places to live in Florida in 2011. We need to find the information provided in the article be of some help in finding a safe place to live in Florida.

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