Unforgettable mystical Lake Baikal

12 May

LakeOur world as a blackened wooden paddle from time to time – is all that is needed to strengthen the physical body and spiritual balance. You will be able to forget about the existence of drowning in the gray haze of megacities, the endless bustling urgent cases and age-old problems.
Once a person realizes that he must go back to where he came from and where should always be – he will return to Mother Nature. Nature is about the people in the form of beautiful mountains, fields and meadows, forests and blue sky that is filled with scents of sea, mountains and flowers, and at the bottom – the crystal clear water over his head, bottomless blue sky, dazzling white clouds and bright sun, at night conceding place mystical light of the stars.
The remarkable journeys around Lake Baikal are unforgettable. You can see the solemn protruding rocks, in which Nature herself has created a strange mysterious caves and grottoes, amazing rock paintings – the creation of our ancestors, cozy coves and inlets. You can see Baikal, try to touch it and try to understand it. In the meantime, I want to invite you on a virtual tour on Lake Baikal, in those places that I know well.

And if you are imbued with magic lake, and respect for the Great Lakes region, I will assume that it is not wasted time to write this review.
The water in the lake is not suitable for swimming enthusiasts from the low temperature. The average summer temperature is 15 degrees. In winter, water has a blue tint. In the cold season in the lake water is so clear that even at a depth of 40 meters can razglydet some elements of the pitfalls. Summer and autumn, due to recovery of underwater vegetation, transparency is reduced to 8-10 meters. At that time, dominated by blue-green and green color of water. The composition of Baikal water for as little mineralized (96.7 mg / l), which can be used instead of distilled water. A large area of Lake Baikal in conjunction with the turbulent winds contribute to the frequent storms. Microclimate of Lake Baikal has a significant influence on the weather of the coast. In comparison with surrounding regions, summer in the Baikal region a little cooler, and winters on the contrary – is softer. Spring comes with a 10-15 day delay, and the duration longer than usual autumn.
On the territory around Lake Baikal is a lot of cultural monuments, historical and archaeological sites and of course nature. The most famous and popular among tourists is: Rock Shaman stone Ushkany island Chivyrkuisky Bay, Sandy Bay, Cape Burhan on Olkhon, Ryty Cape, Cape Ludar, Chersky peak (2090 m above sea level) and the Circum-Baikal railway. Come to Lake Baikal and Feel the natural power of this miracle of nature.

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