Parade of Planets for the first time in 100 years

PlanetsMercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter are lined up in a row. The last time mankind has seen this astronomical phenomenon in 1910.
However, when the sun eclipsed by a number of planets and the Earth parade was almost not visible.
Now the inhabitants of the planet can enjoy the rare spectacle when four planets in the starry sky, lined up in rank.
To see it in the northern hemisphere to monitor the southern sky.
However, this phenomenon is best seen in the southern hemisphere. Hundreds of people gathered at Sydney’s urban observatory to enjoy a line of bright specks in the sky.
It’s an amazing sight. It happens once in a hundred years. And even then, often because of the sun to make out the details of the planet is not possible. So it was in 1910. Today, all seen very well, – shared his impressions of the chief astronomer at the Observatory in Sydney, Jeff Vayatt

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