On the Shroud of Turin discovered ancient writings

writingsRecently, investigators from the Vatican were discovered ancient writings, which were printed on the Shroud of Turin .. Around the shroud broke the news boom as well as the letters were genuine and were archaeological value.
According to Barbara Frail, the researchers found the remains of words, the inscriptions were made in Latin, Greek and Aramaic. Word got to the fabric of ancient documents that were attached to the shroud over the deceased person she believes that the ink contained pieces of metal, so they are transported to the canvas.
A study of the Shroud of Turin was discovered 11 words. Among them was the Greek name (J) esu (s) Nazarene, which seemed strange to researchers is the fact that the article contained no mention of the divine nature of the deceased. This suggests that the inscription was not made in the Middle Ages, because otherwise we would have written “The Son of God” or “Christ”, since that time it was considered obligatory ritual.
Researchers argue that the fragment belongs to the 13-14 centuries BC. This is the conclusion they could make by examining the remains of carbon. Consequently, the writing on the Shroud of Turin is well executed fake and nothing more.
However, other scientists suggest that perhaps a relic restoration were, therefore, its fragments could be ancient. In addition, it is believed that carbon belongs to one of the fires of the last century.
Now as it became known, and that in 1508 the Shroud was submitted to the people in a festive atmosphere.
Between scientists dispute arose about its authenticity. To prove this ancient relic or clever fake just her long boiled in oil, washed and grated. Did this to show that the fingerprints on it will still remain. But, despite all efforts, as over time the fabric is exposed to various foreign components, dust experiment data could be implausible.
Although the Catholic Church does not recognize the true leaf, but still the shroud has become a symbol of the victim, who brought Christ.

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