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11 May

card sharingUnderstand what will be discussed below, we must first define the concept: what is this most card sharing?
Card sharing – it’s an interesting service that gives its users DW Keys to the official maps through a worldwide web or local network. Server, which distributes these to the Keys due to the package is the Dream box or other satellite receivers based on the infamous you are running Linux, your personal computer with installed software on it in conjunction with a programmer …
Every ten seconds, DW keys are read from the card and sent to all connected users to the server (by the way. Quite a small amount of money) Since the replacement of keys occurs at intervals of ten seconds in order. to qualitatively using this service, users need to have quality, preferably unlimited, Internet connection.
Mistakenly believe that handing out little key is held in a strictly one-way – server – connected users.
In reality, however, users regularly send requests to the server as a CW key, the Keys are processed on the server itself the official card and then the server sends the answer is already in a DW user key, therefore, a purely satellite internet without a wired or wifi Earth then will not pass.
To our great regret, not so simple. Customize sharing requires the user to a particular technical skill or professional assistance. Also, the user will need to purchase a receiver, but about a computer with a certain OS qualitative connection to the Internet, we have already mentioned above.
Best of all, if I can hold DSL. It may take and GPRS, but in cases of peak congestion at the ISP, the problem is guaranteed. When pomegabaytnoy the cost of traffic is small – about 1 MB per 1 hour show, and sometimes less.

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