Gingerbread house on an island

10 May

houseA frame from the film on another planet where there is love and peace. Where people have not yet climbed rude and insolent to the holy of all holy Mother Nature. Or maybe it’s my longtime dream?? As if I circling in an endless waltz between heaven and earth and do it so easily, like a dance training I already do not need ..
Not translated yet such pictures that are seriously clinging to the soul. This is sort of a vision of beauty. And so thin that there is a mad desire to insert them immediately into the frame and hang on the wall.
That’s one of those pictures. Simply amazing and a bit mystical place for the contemplation of beauty, and recreation tiring fuss. No need to ask questions like: where is it. I imagine it can not. Most likely, the large and clear lakes, where the early spring water is so clear, that is 40 meters can be seen the bottom …

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