Feeling of weightlessness …

11 May

The agenda was the question: where you can learn a great guy, so that education was appropriate, education, the desire of something essential to achieve in this life. But even necessary – sense of humor, and most unusual …. A certain drive and passion for extreme sports.
Where can I find this guy? Perhaps visit a dating agency ? But here, as a rule, all seriously. Here suggest dating elite, in a word – for marriage. And seriously.

In our case – was set slightly different problem.
My little sister – a sort of young person-tumbleweed – as strange plant science, which often can be compared to a person seeking or roving or. Even in the contact status of her with nothing comparable: “I wasted money!”
And all would do, but recently I stumbled on the Internet a wonderful invention Ebersol, which was initially called it “a wonderful ball, and then provided an opportunity to feel young humanity rolling stone field in the truest sense of the word …
So we met with Zorbing – with what incomparable feeling of weightlessness and the crazy traffic that every young and hungry for extreme sports can enjoy in full.
We came to the mountain, where the athletes were engaged Zorbing. And then she saw him .. He raced down the slope in a clear ball and heartily enjoyed this fun and quite safe occupation. Ball, though transparent, but unusual. It consists of two hemispheres and the space between these spheres, which is filled with air.
Stas, as it later turned out, was the name of this merry blue-eyed guy with a dazzling smile moved to a smaller area at a rate, as we learned, 45 km / h!
My sister decided to try.
The first turnover Zorb has made quite slowly, because on a flat surface of the earth and understandable even when the earth under their feet, and overhead the sky. And then the hill, faster and faster and you feel weightless when hangs upside down. And then I started really extreme downhill!
She screamed with delight! It was the flight, but not as a float in the clouds, and over the fly over the land and then above the water surface.
Minutes spent by it in a bowl, gave her the impression that then she recalled with obvious admiration for many years … But. Along with Stas. Who, after the launching of the first helped her escape from the world. And now they are together and happy. Say – it is fate? Without a doubt. Adventure on the mountain – a unique gift from the brave and unlike other people. A great feeling of weightlessness and freedom of soaring feeling akin to love …

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