Disasters in 2012

Disasters in 2012 may lead to man-made disasters, said the head of the Institute for Space Research (IKI) RAS Leo Green.
According to him, in Canada after the recent solar flares out of order several transformers, and subsequent strong emission of the plasma can trigger technological accidents and the United States.
“In 2012, the technological problems can and should expect – solar activity increases. Statistics is known to us. In Canada, for example, during similar solar flares really broke down a few transformers. Although I do not expect that 2012 will be in Russia by is extreme, monitoring is necessary to “- says Leo Green. His inferences, he shared with the audience at a meeting of the roundtable on space activities.
According to him, the summer of 2011 will launch research station Radiostron “to help fill the gap in Russia in the monitoring of solar activity between the Earth and Sun. “Approximately two hours before the outbreak of the satellite can fix it. But forecasting system to increase solar activity in Russia is not “, – quotes RIA Novosti news agency scientist.

The activity of the Sun during this period will have a greater impact on Canada and the U.S.. But over time, 50-70 years from now, solar activity will have an increasing impact on the territory of Russia, particularly Siberia, which will shift the so-called geomagnetic cap” – stated Green. He recalled that about 150 years ago such a strong solar flare led to industrial accidents in America, according to Interfax.
In turn, the CEO and chief designer of “The Russian Space Systems, General Designer of the GLONASS system Urlichich Jury noted that the likelihood of technological accidents and catastrophes caused by the flow of solar plasma on Russian territory next year,” rather low “

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