Destroy bin Laden was conducted via Twitter

09 May

LadenProgrammer from the Pakistani city of Abbottabad quiet, awakened by a bang last night Motors helicopters circling nearly above his house, had no idea that he witnessed the historic event. Helicopters responded to the programmer the same way as was done in his place would any other owner of a home computer: it is immediately posted on Twitter a message.
33-year-old Sohaib Athar, who escaped to a quiet Abbottabad from the hustle and bustle of city life, has become the blogger, who, without knowing, said at the beginning of the entire Internet operations to eliminate the leader of al-Qaida, Osama bin Laden. First post Athar looks harmless: “The helicopter hovered over Abbottabad in the morning (this is rare).”
Shortly after the first helicopters were new. Steel hear the sounds of explosions and shootings. Athar continued to methodically describe what he hears, so quickly scored 14,000 hits.
On his page, he wrote that “as a scout, he was too noisy. A helicopter on al-Qaida or the Pakistani army, he also did not like. ”

“Fly away, the helicopter until I pulled out my giant fly swatter,” – wrote Akhtar due to noise.
Subsequently, the witness heard a powerful blast from the falling helicopter. “People are saying that the helicopter crashed not because of technical problems. His shot down. I apologize for the pilot reported a fly swatter, “- wrote an eyewitness on the Internet.
Soon after the first car in the air above the city there were two more. And the place was surrounded by military helicopter crash. Toward the morning blogger voiced suspicions that the anxiety in the sky, possibly linked with the announcement of an emergency U.S. President Barack Obama, to be held at half past 11 am.
When the murder of the leader of al-Qaeda began to say the media Sahaib Akhtar has expressed his shock at twitter. “Wow, it turns out, I aired the blog operation against Osama bin Laden, without knowing it!” – Surprised Akhtar.
After the report, the U.S. president that the “world’s number 1 terrorist” is destroyed, users have installed micro-record number of entries. Mission site Twitter PR reported that during the period from 22-45 to 2-20 nights, the number of tweets per second exceeded several thousand.
All users are revived Obama’s statement about the death of bin Laden, the press service of the popular social network.
3,440 tweets per second on average – a new record of service Twitter, which was beaten with a 10:45 pm to 12:30 pm on May 2 May to Eastern Time in connection with information about the elimination of Osama bin Laden, leader of the largest terrorist organization Al-Qaeda near the Pakistani capital. At the peak moment of the number of tweets per second reached 5,106.
The previous record of Twitter has been linked with the tragic events – an earthquake and tsunami in Japan, while the peak figure was even higher – 5,530 per second. For the first time in the service of Google Hot Trends entire list request pertains to the same news – the death of Bin Laden (about himself, about his leadership of a terrorist organization, the search for publications about him in authoritative sources, etc.)

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