Congress mysterious Kosmopoisk

Maria Valley, Methodist subjects of physics and mathematics cycle methodical cabinet department of education Golopristanskoy district state administration and Natalia Devyataeva, a physics teacher at the highest qualification category, coordinator Golopristanskogo District Branch of Kherson Kosmopoisk. By the way, Natalya heads of scientific and creative center of “Star Key”, which operates in Golopristanskom School № 3. Since 1995, members of the cells operate in the MAN – Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, in the sections of physics, electronics, astronomy, biology, geology, psychology, ecology, law, space medicine. All of this would have been impossible without the presence of high-quality mobile communications. Therefore, the signal amplifier provider was a necessity.
Alumni Center “Star Key” have more than 70 diplomas of winners in various academic competitions of pupils, half of them – Ukrainian level.
– We, – says Natalya Devyataeva – along with kosmoposhukovtsyamy gathered in the auditorium Golopristanskoy school № 3. Plenty of space and it was interesting. And just how important our work can be judged by the attention from local authorities and colleagues. At the conference was attended by: Oleg Oleksyuk, deputy chairman of the district administration Golopristanskoy of Humanitarian Affairs, Lydia N. Chuprina, head of the department of education of district state administration, Olga Khramtsova, director of the Kherson regional planetarium, Alexey Tkachev, teacher Kherson Physical-Technical Lyceum, which Incidentally, at one time in the Ukrainian delegation association Rusich visits Cosmonaut Training Center outside Moscow, representatives of 25 schools of our region, the district stations for young technicians and young tourists and 17 members Kosmopoisk from Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Odessa, Moscow , Ryazan, Vinnitsa, Belgorod-Dniester. I would like to say – continues Natalya – that our assembly hall has been carefully decorated with children’s drawings of space and astronauts, space technology, wall newspapers Day Astronautics, crafts arts and crafts “Cosmic Fantasy”, on display working models and models of space technology, created kruzhkovtsami station for young technicians to its own designs. After the conference was primarily devoted to the 50 th anniversary of the first manned flight into space – Yuri Gagarin. Present particularly surprised a few instances of April 1961 the newspaper “Izvestia” with photos and text messages about flight by Yuri Gagarin into space, saved as a history teacher Golopristanskoy secondary school № 3 Roman TI
In the photo: Maria Valley, Vladislav buzzard, Olga Khramtsova and students, conference participants
Particularly with respect to reports at the conference. About astronautics BC and whether all the UFO abnormal – said Alexander Petukhov from Moscow (see photo). Problems of identification photographs of anomalous phenomena – opened Basil Dovgoshey of Ryazan. About Oleshkovskuyu desert told Vitaly Bagel Station area of ​​tourists, but of Kherson Planetarium – its director Olga Khramtsova. Some of the anomalous zones of Ukraine said Vladislav buzzard, ufologist from Zaporozhye.
No less interesting were the student and report. Here are some of them.
“Geophysical investigations of” anomalous formations “in the Black Sea Biosphere Reserve”, authors: Dmitry Parkhomenko (Grade 11) and Pavel Avdeev (Grade 7) with Golopristanskoy gymnasium.
“Fog of the Universe” – the theme of the report Alexander Pashchenko (Grade 10) with Ribalchenskoi Oosh.
“Ecological problems of space” – a report of Mary Kalanda and Jana G. Cecchetti (Grade 10) with Alekseevskoy Secondary School.
“The body and the cosmos” – the theme of Pauline Kovalenko (Grade 9) with Zaliznoportivskoi Oosh.
“Star” path “or earth monster?” – This question attempted to answer Andrei Shkil (Grade 11) and Pavel Eremeev (Grade 9) with Golopristanskoy gymnasium.
Intelligent life as a cosmic factor (to the participation of Ukrainian in space) “- report Anastasia Rakhimova (Grade 10) with Chulakivskoi Oosh.
“The conference at the school and the Congress itself, – said Vladislav Buzzard – have been useful. We chatted, exchanged information … In short, it’s interesting … But the anomalous zone out there – no. I went with two friends. Yes, imagine me with the clock stopped, his companion began to show time three hours ahead Our camera “stopped.” And out of the zone – and the clock, and the camera worked again like nothing had happened. Very negative zone. However, at night I was lucky enough to watch an alien flying – no wings and no tail. Called out to his comrades, saying, let the camera. And the camera does not include that we did not do it while he is not an alien has departed. And in that zone will feel like something uncomfortable. We were nervous. Planned to be three days in an area limited to one “.

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