Child or Baby Fish

01 May

Child-fish soft, flexible, impulsive, and sensitive, idealistic kind, fairly religious, good-natured, very caring and always ready to come to the rescue.
Negative feature:
quite indecisive, especially swimming with the flow or merely against the current, could succumb to any influence, it is absolutely not practical, sad, located in the magical world of dreams, often divorced from the real world.
Make horoscope baby fish quite easily.
These kids love to play in the water, wonderful tales of magic and reincarnation. But they do not tolerate noise, swearing and horrible screams. Violence can lead to dire consequences.
They absolutely do not need to turn on the TV before bedtime, they should not listen to gloomy or sad music. Generally, these kids can easily upset and frustrated.

Fish can be because of these twists and turns even pribolet. The most basic for them – calm and peaceful atmosphere. Difficult for them to communicate with vociferous or severe in children. These kids, as usual, almost do not understand finances. Let’s take a kid pocket money and learn how they should be dealt.
You tihenky, friendly and peaceful kid. He had been dreaming and often confuses fantasy with reality. Baby can mix up time: going to sleep when you want to play and eat, and the exact opposite. Even the children’s illnesses occur in his atypically: Chickenpox may seem like an allergy, and allergic reactions – for chicken pox.
About food – children-fish can be very weird antipathy and sympathy. They – very ticklish.
And the last. Hard to understand what the child reaches what he is talented. Most often, children that are born under the sign of Pisces have the ability to many things. They need to learn the art from this fish in the mood. Baby is also very happy and helpful to have a pet.

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