Disasters in 2012

Disasters in 2012 may lead to man-made disasters, said the head of the Institute for Space Research (IKI) RAS Leo Green.
According to him, in Canada after the recent solar flares out of order several transformers, and subsequent strong emission of the plasma can trigger technological accidents and the United States.
“In 2012, the technological problems can and should expect – solar activity increases. Statistics is known to us. In Canada, for example, during similar solar flares really broke down a few transformers. Although I do not expect that 2012 will be in Russia by is extreme, monitoring is necessary to “- says Leo Green. His inferences, he shared with the audience at a meeting of the roundtable on space activities. Continue reading “Disasters in 2012”

Congress mysterious Kosmopoisk

Maria Valley, Methodist subjects of physics and mathematics cycle methodical cabinet department of education Golopristanskoy district state administration and Natalia Devyataeva, a physics teacher at the highest qualification category, coordinator Golopristanskogo District Branch of Kherson Kosmopoisk. By the way, Natalya heads of scientific and creative center of “Star Key”, which operates in Golopristanskom School № 3. Since 1995, members of the cells operate in the MAN – Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, in the sections of physics, electronics, astronomy, biology, geology, psychology, ecology, law, space medicine. All of this would have been impossible without the presence of high-quality mobile communications. Therefore, the signal amplifier provider was a necessity.
Alumni Center “Star Key” have more than 70 diplomas of winners in various academic competitions of pupils, half of them – Ukrainian level. Continue reading “Congress mysterious Kosmopoisk”

True wisdom and value

wisdomFour noble truths “prominent in Buddhism, and often pointed to the summaries of the religion.
They –
1. Validity of the suffering poor. (Dukkha)
2. The cause of suffering (samudaya dukkha)
3. Experience of Freedom, the end of suffering (nibbana, dukkha nirodha)
4. Path to Freedom, way to be free (magga)
From my experience of many years of Buddhism, daily meditation and spiritual path, it seems to me that these four topics are essential to the fold interested spirituality and made for the best of people, with fewer problems, less addictive behavior and great satisfaction. These topics are worthy of consideration.
Experience of Freedom
It is configured as an objective and goal. We are learning to reconnect with inner wisdom within us that intuitively knows freedom, the path to freedom and a way to be free in their daily lives. It is possible under domestic mood, and some assistance we can give amulets , Continue reading “True wisdom and value”

Oceans predicted growth in the meter

seaThe Australian Committee for Research on Climate (Australia Climate Commission). Briefly the conclusions of scientists lead Agence France-Presse.
“Acceleration” in the values of the growth of water level ranges from 0.5 to 1 meter, and the upper limit is not unlikely. In 2007, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) presented a less pessimistic outlook – if scientists concluded that the end of the century, sea levels could rise by 0.7 meters.
Australian experts clarified that the change in their prognosis, compared with earlier estimates associated with the emergence of new data on the melting of the ice, in particular, with the arrival of new information on the rate of melting of Greenland glaciers – it surpassed all expectations of experts.
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What’s a doomsday for the next 15 years?

Almost every year, according to various predictions, the world is waiting for doomsday. On the coming apocalypse, this time recalled the famous preacher Harold Camping, who declared that the world would end May 21, 2011.
In addition, the list of proposed dates “doomsday” is and September 22, 2012: on the day predicted by the “energy end of the world, natural and man-caused global catastrophe. According to the calculations of NASA scientists with the National Academy of Sciences of the United States, a strong solar flares, electromagnetic pulse from that undermines almost all the energy and electronic equipment for a long time, lead to the deaths of millions of people.
At the same time, December 21, 2012 – according to the predictions of the ancient Maya, will end our civilization. On this day, according to an ancient treatise, there will be something unusual in our solar system – the so-called “parade of planets”. Continue reading “What’s a doomsday for the next 15 years?”

On the Shroud of Turin discovered ancient writings

writingsRecently, investigators from the Vatican were discovered ancient writings, which were printed on the Shroud of Turin .. Around the shroud broke the news boom as well as the letters were genuine and were archaeological value.
According to Barbara Frail, the researchers found the remains of words, the inscriptions were made in Latin, Greek and Aramaic. Word got to the fabric of ancient documents that were attached to the shroud over the deceased person she believes that the ink contained pieces of metal, so they are transported to the canvas. Continue reading “On the Shroud of Turin discovered ancient writings”

Amazing facts about snakes

big snakeThe most amazing facts about what the snake deadly snakes like king cobra can kill an elephant within a few hours. In this article you will find some interesting facts about snakes.Amazing facts about snakes. Snake has always been one of these animals (reptiles, to be exact), which causes fear and interest at the same time.

There are more than 3000 species of snakes known to man today. Snakes are found in different colors and sizes around the world. They are broadly classified into toxic and poisonous ones. Snakes have a spine (Yes, snakes have bones, though she seems to be very slippery and can coil itself in full), and therefore they belong to the vertebrates. Now let’s look at some amazing facts about snakes. Continue reading “Amazing facts about snakes”

Beneath the sea floor detected an ocean

sea floorScientists have found that beneath the sea floor is an entire underground ocean, inhabited by microorganisms. According to preliminary data, and its maximum depth is five kilometers. An international team of scientists, armed with a natural laboratory CORK, began to explore this mysterious and very ancient biosphere.
Recently, an international team of scientists has made a report on the first experiments using deep technologies needed for long-term scientific observation of life of microorganisms under the seabed. These studies were led by specialists from the University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science. For the first time an attempt was made to explore the vital activity of bacteria in ih habitats, without extracting them to the surface. And, apparently, it went quite well.
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Wonderful and safe places in Florida.

FloridaSafe places to live in Florida, as you know, quite a lot and they attract many tourists from all over America and beyond. This area, although it is quite popular among tourists, but do not discount the danger zones and do not forget about them, such as Orlando and other major cities have high crime rates.
Cities such as Orlando, of course, most Americans do not choose to live. However, there are several small towns in Florida, which provide favorable conditions for human life and activity. Here are some of them.
What are the safest places to live in Florida?
List of cities that are considered safe in Florida can be found in the following paragraphs. Most of them – small towns and thus are able to provide a safe environment to live, work and raise children. Continue reading “Wonderful and safe places in Florida.”

Parade of Planets for the first time in 100 years

PlanetsMercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter are lined up in a row. The last time mankind has seen this astronomical phenomenon in 1910.
However, when the sun eclipsed by a number of planets and the Earth parade was almost not visible.
Now the inhabitants of the planet can enjoy the rare spectacle when four planets in the starry sky, lined up in rank.
To see it in the northern hemisphere to monitor the southern sky.
However, this phenomenon is best seen in the southern hemisphere. Hundreds of people gathered at Sydney’s urban observatory to enjoy a line of bright specks in the sky. Continue reading “Parade of Planets for the first time in 100 years”