Disasters in 2012

Disasters in 2012 may lead to man-made disasters, said the head of the Institute for Space Research (IKI) RAS Leo Green. According to him, in Canada after the recent solar flares out of order several transformers, and subsequent strong emission of the plasma can trigger technological accidents and the United States. “In 2012, the technological… Read more Disasters in 2012

Congress mysterious Kosmopoisk

Maria Valley, Methodist subjects of physics and mathematics cycle methodical cabinet department of education Golopristanskoy district state administration and Natalia Devyataeva, a physics teacher at the highest qualification category, coordinator Golopristanskogo District Branch of Kherson Kosmopoisk. By the way, Natalya heads of scientific and creative center of “Star Key”, which operates in Golopristanskom School №… Read more Congress mysterious Kosmopoisk

True wisdom and value

Four noble truths “prominent in Buddhism, and often pointed to the summaries of the religion. They – 1. Validity of the suffering poor. (Dukkha) 2. The cause of suffering (samudaya dukkha) 3. Experience of Freedom, the end of suffering (nibbana, dukkha nirodha) 4. Path to Freedom, way to be free (magga) From my experience of… Read more True wisdom and value

Oceans predicted growth in the meter

The Australian Committee for Research on Climate (Australia Climate Commission). Briefly the conclusions of scientists lead Agence France-Presse. “Acceleration” in the values of the growth of water level ranges from 0.5 to 1 meter, and the upper limit is not unlikely. In 2007, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) presented a less pessimistic outlook… Read more Oceans predicted growth in the meter

On the Shroud of Turin discovered ancient writings

Recently, investigators from the Vatican were discovered ancient writings, which were printed on the Shroud of Turin .. Around the shroud broke the news boom as well as the letters were genuine and were archaeological value. According to Barbara Frail, the researchers found the remains of words, the inscriptions were made in Latin, Greek and… Read more On the Shroud of Turin discovered ancient writings

Beneath the sea floor detected an ocean

Scientists have found that beneath the sea floor is an entire underground ocean, inhabited by microorganisms. According to preliminary data, and its maximum depth is five kilometers. An international team of scientists, armed with a natural laboratory CORK, began to explore this mysterious and very ancient biosphere. Recently, an international team of scientists has made… Read more Beneath the sea floor detected an ocean