The existence of Nibiru is becoming more

10 Apr

Nibiru Zecharia Sitchin has put forward in the 70 years of the last century. In his opinion, this planet has a highly elongated orbit and its period of revolution around the Sun is 3600 years old. However, no evidence to support his theory of Sitchin report failed, and soon forgot about Nibiru. But now there is growing evidence showing that the planet Nibiru is not a myth, but actually exists.
In the 90’s were produced complex mathematical calculations, which confirmed that the planet Nibiru such may well exist in the solar system. Since then, talk of a mysterious celestial body with each passing year only gaining in popularity. It is believed that in December 2012 (according to some reports in February 2013) Nibiru will pass close to Earth’s orbit, which eventually may lead to a serious displacement of the earth’s axis, and this in turn threatens large-scale natural disasters across the planet. First of all, there is a change of the magnetic poles, and it is followed by floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions in various parts of the globe.

At first glance it looks more like a Hollywood movie script than a reality, but a year ago, respected astrophysicists John Matese and Daniel Whitmire of the University of Louisiana said they have discovered a planet several times the size of Jupiter. This planet, called astrophysicists Tyuhe, located in the little known corner of the Solar System – the Oort cloud. It is from this area in the inner solar system arrives most of the known comets, and this requires a strong gravitational effects inside the Oort cloud. Just such action and has found a planet by scientists.
Already know the exact distance to the planet – is 30,000 astronomical units. Due to this distance from the Sun’s temperature at Tyuhe very low and it can be seen only with powerful infrared telescope WISE, which was launched just two years ago. Astrophysics reported that already have images of the planet and show them to the public in late 2011.
Truth should be noted that scientists do not claim that they found the planet is a mysterious and Nibiru, as they are not known during its revolution around the sun and whether its orbit in the vicinity of Earth. However, this does not rule out standing and it is possible that the view expressed in the 70 years of Zecharia Sitchin assumption of the existence of Nibiru will be true.

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