The computer will control the human brain as soon as

17 Apr

BrainThe people steadily regressed to the development of technology, Chinese scientists have found. On this basis, we can assume that in its history, people have lost a lot of initial capacity, reports NEWS Israel with reference to the international newspaper The Epoch Times.
In the past, the reality was “supernatural” abilities that are described in Chinese chronicles. For example, it tells of overcoming the 500 km ride for the day to deliver the fruits of plums emperor. Now it is capable of only a few athletes.
In the near future possibilities of the human body that are now the norm, will also be declared to be “supernatural” For example, in the future all people will be short-sighted, and no one will know that human eyes can see far.

With further development of technologies plot of the movie “The Matrix” will cease to be an object of ridicule, fear the Chinese. The human race is deteriorating so much that his brain will remain the only human organ capable of functioning and other organs will atrophy and become useless. There will be only the human brain, which will manage the computer, predicts Chinese author.

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